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21stcenturyschi -
First things first, if you are part of the online music community and somehow haven't heard Lift Your Skinny Fists yet, I would recommend listening to the album before reading any reviews. Even if this is almost all instrumental, this is so theatrical and cinematic, it's just like how you wouldn't want a great movie to be spoiled. The vocal samples and the short bit of singing on the final track add to the album, but this story is told almost entirely through instrumentals. If I had to describe ... read more

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21stcenturyschi -
New Gorillaz music out of the blue is always appreciated by me! These 3 new tracks are coming soon after Gorillaz's fantastic Song Machine album, but this EP appears to be unrelated to that record and is instead a tribute to the Caribbean celebration carnival in London that was cancelled this year, and as a result this EP is a collection of dub, reggae and dancehall influenced songs. It's clear that Damon Albarn has a large appreciation for these genres, because this EP is a very faithful ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
If there is one compliment I can give Trippie Redd, it is that he has quite an impressive work ethic, dropping numerous lengthy projects per year since his breakthrough. This resulted in music with very little shelf life though, especially with the painful 75 minutes of emo trap last year on Pegasus, and the supposed deluxe edition earlier 2021, the pop punk Neon Shark vs. Pegasus. I just wanted Trip at Knight to be a shorter, more focused album, and I thought that the similar druggy cover art ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
Between the Buried and Me are a band that combines the aggression of metalcore with the virtuoso of progressive metal, and since the 2010s, just about everything else. This didn't lead to their best material though, in my opinion, even if I still love The Parallax II. The following Coma Ecliptic was some pretty uneventful prog rock though, and then while Automata I & II were slightly better, there were a few tracks that were too annoying for words. I thought that Colors II would be a return ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
Imagine Dragons are a band that I feel are a bit overhated, even if they completely lose my defense with their last 2 albums, Evolve and Origins. At least the appeal is more apparent with their earlier releases, because it was just inoffensive pop rock, but their overblown, overproduced to death, quiet, loud, quiet, loud, very quiet, very loud formula, topped with cheesy inspiring lyrics, gets repeated on every single song, and it doesn't take long before I want to turn the album off. Mercury ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
Ugh.......why? Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake; whether you love or hate his style of heartbroken pop rap, it goes without saying that Drake was likely the most influential artist of the 2010s, and I respect what he did a lot bringing a more sensitive and honest side to mainstream hip-hop. He was more successful than even in the latter half of the 2010s, but I can't help but feel that he has tarnished what he had going for him since 2016, because of the Pusha T beef where he was murdered, ... read more


Sep 12, 2021
Hope you're having a good day today!! ❤
Sep 5, 2021
Thank you 😩
Sep 3, 2021
they are ALWAYS directly connected - via the artist
Sep 3, 2021
AGAIN, I ALREADY RESPONDED TO THIS. YOU'VE SAID IT MULTIPLE TIMES. i refuted it already. that's what im telling you lol. but i'll repost my responses so that you read them this time:

""you can like the music without liking the artist" follows the same line of thought as "hitler was actually a great painter." like who gives a FUCK about hitler's art? just like who gives a FUCK about Brand New or Burzum's music? why would anyone willingly do these disgusting people a service by going out of your way to APPRECIATE their creative output? especially when so much good music exists that there's absolutely no reason to"

"holding abusers accountable >>>>>>>>>>>> appreciating their art"

"the music doesnt reinforce their actions, but your contribution to maintaining their career and public platform sure as fuck does. and apart from just that, how can you separate the creative output of an individual from the individual lol. its pure mental gymnastics"
Sep 3, 2021
Thank you so much for contributing. I rlly appreciate it.

List is up if you wanna check it out:
Sep 2, 2021
you haven't responded to any point I've made since the start of this convo
Sep 1, 2021
im not sure what point you're trying to make here that i haven't explained away. Bush's paintings are not of war crimes LMAO. i was making fun of your position, and so is this satirical article
Aug 28, 2021
you just posted the same sentence 4 times, and it's the exact same response as to my last post lol

try reading what I'm saying
Aug 28, 2021
its pure mental gymnastics


Please ignore my 2019 reviews, they are really bad

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