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Alcest - Shelter
Aug 11

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21stcenturyschi -
I'm not normally that into the genre, but I love Clams Casino's very chill, atmospheric and melodic take on instrumental hip hop. To me, it felt a little samey across the whole tracklist, but I know there are people with a bigger appreciation than this style that me, but I still have to shout this out. There are some very beautiful and intriguing moments, that also have pretty vocals, and some catchy beats, with an ethereal aesthetic, without taking it so far that it becomes flashy or annoying. ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
Okay, first of all, I'm so glad this is a written review and not a spoken one, because I know I would mess up the pronunciation of almost every track title. Anyways... Im Wald is the 11th album by Paysage d'Hiver, a one man Swedish black metal project, fronted by Wintherr, and his first record since 2013's Das Tor. While the band was not the first to create the ever so popular lo-fi recorded and atmospheric sound in black metal, it is a very respected and important band in this style. Paysage ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
Alcest always focused more on the shoegaze, rather than the black metal sides of blackgaze, but on Shelter they basically make a straight up shoegaze album. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, but the problem is that on Alcest's other records, they didn't have any of the beauty, the interesting textures, or the vocals to do shoegaze. Instead of improving upon those weaknesses though, Alcest continues to make music without any guitar effects, lifeless singing, no elegance, ane this time they ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
While I was never the biggest Alcest fan, I definitely need to put some respect on their name, especially this album here, because they were big pioneers in the blackgaze genre, having clear influences on bands I love, such as Deafheaven. The unlikely mix of bright shoegaze guitar chords, with tremolo picking, blast beats and wretched vocals is something that was quite innovative. Écailles de lune however, includes most of my problems with other Alcest records. I just don't think they ... read more
21stcenturyschi -
Sublime, big stars in ska punk and reggae rock in the 90s, and a band which I honestly find to be vomit inducing. Songs like "Caress Me Down"... are there people who aren't sickened by this? There are tracks that are one trumpet away from being a Reel Big Fish song. Sublime's real crime, which they should be "Doin' Time" for...uh, sorry, are the lyrics, which are gross, corny, and plain awful. They just make this album unlistenable, and even when there is a decent riff, the ... read more
Jul 31, 2020
What’s your favorite out of the peak whalecore albums? Leviathan, Fmts or the call of the wretched sea? I’m sure you can guess mine lol
Jul 14, 2020
I know this is basic and has been done before so many times but whats your favourite album of all time? (list)
Jul 14, 2020
21st century schi
Jul 14, 2020
Jul 8, 2020
Which rapper do you think would be the best president?

(It's for a list you bozo 😹👎👎)
Jul 7, 2020
Thanks man, you too🙂🙂
Jul 7, 2020
Nice name and great reviews!
Jun 23, 2020
Thank you very a lot! I love my fans
Jun 9, 2020
added ur pick, thnk u :)
Jun 8, 2020
in your opinion, what is the most overrated album of all time ???
Honestly, about a 97+ is a pefect album. I just only give very specific albums 100s

100: Masterpiece
90-99: Amazing
80-89: Great
70-79: Really Good
60-69: Good
50-59: Average
40-49: Bad
30-39: Really Bad
20-29: Terrible
10-19: Just Awful
0-9: Angelic 2 The Core
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