AOTY 2023
A Day To Remember - Degenerates
Aug 20, 2019
Another band joining the trend of suddenly going pop. It doesn't specifically bother me with A Day To Remember, since I've never really been a fan of the band, but I don't like when these bands go so mainstream, probably just for commercial or radio reasons. Even if it is a band I like doing this, I can at least appreciate a good pop song released by the band. Degenerates however, is uh...not great to say the least. The lyrics are extremely corny with nothing interesting to offer instrumentally. There's also the line of "It's gonna hit like a brick", which features a Jeremy McKinnon scream, which I've never cared for, but he's made it sound better than whatever this is. It didn't blend well with the rest of the song, but it may have just been for fans of their older work. Yeah, this thing is bad. Don't recommend.
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