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Korn - Requiem
Feb 4, 2022 (updated May 15, 2023)
Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn Korn. The band with the unmatched influence on the nu and alternative metal scene, and while I can't listen to a majority of their records without wanting to instantly turn them off, they still have some respectable albums from decades ago. Even their past couple albums I thought were a slight improvement however, and if I were to be as objective as I possible can be while writing this review, I do think Requiem is Korn's most no-BS album since the 90s... I still can't say I really care for it though. I mean, there wasn't really anything that was truly offensive to my ears, but Requiem is mostly some very generic alternative metal. The booming chugga-chug riffs are so typical for the genre and Jonathan Davis' vocals are so tame, while his lyrics are as melodramatic as always. Even his screams are nowhere near as animalistic as they once were, but at least the cringeworthy vocal moments are kept to a minimum and even the signature scatting is as well, even if we still can't fully escape them like on the outro, "Worst Is On Its Way". One more thing I can give the record is that I like the thick, heavy almost Deftones guitar tone, but what I do miss is Fieldy's slap bass, though he has taken a break from the band. So while Requiem does not quite appeal to me and I find this brand of alt metal to be very generic, this is rather low BS for Korn, and while there was nothing I truly loved, this mostly sounded standard and Korn has proved to me over the years that standard is not the worst thing you can be. And after album after album of Korn disappointments, sometimes you just have to tell yourself "this could have been The Path of Totality".

Favorite tracks: "Let The Dark Do The Rest", "Disconnect"

Least favorite tracks: "My Confession"

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