Weezer - SZNZ: Summer
Jun 21, 2022 (updated Sep 24, 2022)
I was quite worried for the Summer EP given how rough I found Spring came out, plus I was wondering if this meant they'd return to the summer millennial pop of Pacific Daydream for summer. To my surprise though, this EP was not that at all, it is some of the hardest that Weezer's ever rocked, and even goes so much harder than Van Weezer. The first couple songs go back to the baroque pop of OK Human except with those signature heavy Blue style choruses. I guess this shouldn't be too surprising with the opener Lawn Chair, because like Spring, it interpolates Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which I still find to be a little cheesy here, but believe me, it is way better than whatever that "Shakespeare makes me happy" shit was from last time. I prefer the following "Records" with its quaint synth backed melodies in verses before the chunky Blue Album guitar tone comes in during the chorus.

But then there is "Blue Like Jazz", which sadly has one of the most low effort Weezer hooks ever, but whose riffs really do border on metal and Weezer sounds amazing doing it, but then this vibe is even stronger on the middle section of the following "The Opposite Of Me" whose slow metal riffs really border on something like Mastodon, which is contrasted really well with the catchy pop punk verses. The marching band orchestra that opens "What's The Good of Being Good" is pretty corny however, and Rivers' self-wallowing in the verses is equally as much. I already wouldn't go to a place called "Cuomoville" without telling everyone I know where I was going first, but the chorus is so bad that it must be even more rough than I imagined living there. Thankfully the closer "Thank You and Good Night" is a very strong ending to the EP, with a return of the metal riffs in the intro, which have a classic thrash feel to them, but this also has one of the best hooks here, and some cool riff switch ups towards the end.

Summer was still a pretty mixed bag in quality and in previous styles from the Weezer discography, but a pretty decent one overall. It's not as cohesive as Spring and I'm not really feeling a consistent seasonal vibe as to what makes this a summer project. I can't really complain though, because this is leagues better than the last EP, and I'm hoping for even better results for Fall.

Favorite tracks: "Records", "Thank You and Good Night, "The Opposite Of Me"

Least favorite tracks: "Cuomoville"

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