Big Thief - Two Hands
Oct 9, 2019 (updated 6d ago)
Indie Rock albums like these are about as meritable as a mumble rap mixtape. There's no real innovation going on here except maybe the lead's vocals, which are grating to say the least. Not that I expect original composition or experimental aesthetics from this genre, but I don't understand the praise these bands get when their selling point is a scraggly voice and ambiguous lyrics that don't have real meaning until someone posts their own misguided interpretation on Genius.

To each their own, but this trend of indie artists trying to break the status quo with expired riffs and exacerbated tropes isn't cutting it. Exile in Guyville was successful because it didn't assert self-deprication as a personality trait (something a lot of you internet folk like to do). Liz instead said "This is my life, you don't really know me, but put your middle fingers up and sing along if you feel me!"... and then sold out 3 albums later, but that's a separate discussion lol

Then take a less acclaimed band like Chastity Belt and tell me why they deserve less praise? Genres don't change so much as their bounds are surpassed, and they shouldn't. "Indie" has a duty to serve its local communities as God intended. Chastity Belt has served its Seattle community well -- their music evolving from DIY (s)punk into cruise-control complementing Indie Rock, never groundbreaking, but always reliable.

This new version of "Indie" is not reliable. It posits several spectacles, with sleeves pulled past the tips of the fingers, and waits for your approval. You give it and receive the inappropriate response "gawsh, maybe I'm just too muchuv a perfectionist.." and gawsh, you could've fooled me!
Oct 10, 2019
I don't understand the parallel with liz phair because Exile in Guyville is a protest album vs male overepresentation in rock scene and Chastity Belt, who are a feminist band with punchy influences in their earlier days but now they stripped down so much their sound and that they sound like any indie rock/dream pop bands in the market.
Because you don't get Big thief doesn't mean you can be that salty and stating that they are the indie decadence ^^ cheers !
Oct 10, 2019
I wouldn't really call Guyville a "protest" album... It may have protested the pigeonholing of woman in pop/rock, but it wasn't protesting anything directly. Chastity Belt has watered down their sound, but they've maintained their signature charm, which is what I think matters most in this genre. With Big Thief, there isn't any charm because they try to do more than what the greater genre requires. Feels too performative and not at all genuine.
Oct 10, 2019
I don't think they lose they soul as they had here and there these peaks in masterpiece, more prononced in Capacity and UFOF is a clear bridge between Capacity and Two hands in term of more power in their music. I mean, it's logical road as it is for chastity belt (who choose another roaf)
Oct 10, 2019
soul/charm/personality is rather subjective, so I can't confirm that their intentions are what I think they are, but I've run over too many pot holes in the road Big Thief chose to take, so I'm steering clear until they repave
Oct 10, 2019
I tried really hard to disagree because of my attachment to the genre, but you have a good point
6d ago
Where is that throw up in my mouth emoji?
6d ago
if u google u can copy and paste
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