Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Bird Box (Abridged)
Jan 17, 2019 (updated Jan 31, 2019)
I struggle to understand the need to abridge/shorten your scores, Granted this isn't as bad as the Mid90's (which was a soundtrack EP? whutface) Often times these soundtracks tell a sonic story, which is perfect to play if you just want to get lost, Gone Girl & The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are great examples of this from Reznor & Ross.

Reason I bring this up, is not because its less music like in the case of Mid90's, this soundtrack is still as long as complete soundtracks due to its lengthened and dragged out pieces its over an hour long. The problem I have is that the pieces feel more disjointed than ever, where usually these pieces feel tied together with purpose, due to serving the subtext of the film while accompanying the same mood and thematic texture as the movie requires, where Gone Girl had this dreamy texture, where everything felt as though it were floating, with gradual decay lingering, a subtext carried to the heart of the film. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was menacing, and creeping with suspicion, it was everything it needed to be for a psychological crime thriller. This soundtrack however, sounds like another Ghosts record, just pretty sounds dancing in the wind, not really conveying anything other than tone.

Finally, looking at their first three soundtracks, each was innovative and created a unique texture for each film, but now it seems they are releasing soundtrack after soundtrack, where it becomes quantity over quality. They've instantly become thee most sought after name in soundtrack work but at what cost? Taking on projects that they might not feel too strongly about? Not being given much direction from less experienced directors? I don't know but something is off, and these soundtracks are sounding less and less original.

Which is such a fucking shame, Reznor and Ross were/are creating a new era to soundtrack music, alongside musicians turned soundtrack gods like Greenwood, Mogwai, Colin Stetson, Johannsson(RIP) just to name a few. I hope all this overextending and releasing shorter versions of soundtracks stops, and they get back to creating complete soundscapes has they have done.

Bird Box itself was pretty dull, which usually gives the soundtrack a chance to shine but not here.

Favourites: And It Keeps on Coming
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