Jaden - ERYS
Jul 4, 2019 (updated 2d ago)
stumbled home in a drunken haze just in time for friday, uber ride saved me up seven flights of stairs and ERYS cuddled me in bed. This album, reads like an ego death,
favorite track: Summertime in Paris

PINK is the juxtaposition needed alongside BLUE except the concept is held its every trope of trap absolutely blued into vocal minapulation and Jaden in stunning form, its lost and jagged and broken in every right way, Even “again” sounds well constructed in this world of overexposed beats and just blarred out of sleep beats its,

exactly what ERYS deemed itself to be a broken half to love-lost SYRE inverted "she said I can't believe you gave me your heart, don't talk down to me baby, I'm drowning" but the words held have grown so much "always got a dark cloud over me, I'm drippin forever" in each track when compared to tracks like GOKU and preceding EP’s and Mixtapes (they were trash with only the "banger" logo saving their purpose) built to this landscape and its fucking brilliant and I say that as someone who was there for SYRE and “Soho” and even “the electric album” since its still interlinked, “Summertime in Paris” seems the bridge between the two (SYRE-ERYS), with Willow sounding like a Rihanna-y siren, I’ll fight for these kind of mood heavy tracks Jaden makes "Soho", "Ninety", "Syre in Abey Road" , "Fallen (Electric)".

Jaden sounds like what I’d hoped and ERYS isn’t the trap mess I thought it would be, its futuristic but in all the ways it should be, Jaden has built a sonicscape mountain that "xxxtenaction" seemed to be slowly climbing up towards. and “Blackout” has all the colours I’d seen whispered in “SYRE” which all but slapped me out of my drunken haze for this. "i-drip-or-is" feels like the kind of Travis Scott x Mike Dean worldbuilding I never would have expected Jaden and his crew would obtain but it hits and pushes the wild spinnings of the "ERYS" character into full effect.

“I woke up tripping” , its not perfect "Pain" seems a symbol of that, and whatever that "ERYS is Coming" record was, but even "Pain's" ending got me back into it, perhaps I've been trained through the T-pain, Kanye, Scott, Ocean & Blake vocal manipulation of voice but I'm always there when his voice get a little broken, it seems shrouded, since its hard to be honest in your vocals if you're not fucking Frank Ocean on the track or growing as a rapper in a bravado-based hip-hop landscape . And that jazzy outro held by female french vocals (which have been a cheat code since early 2009-8)

Oh and that punk moment back there, made complete sense to me, but maybe I'm a little desensitized from friends and soundcloud records, even Nirvana early LP's that are more scarred things that burn out in emotion and poor instrumentation, I liked it and , "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" is blushing, which is admittedly easy to do . And oh god, "On My Own" with Cudi is "Man on the Moon:"'s true successor shit, a direct descender, and I love Jaden on this, off top makes it clear the two where co-conspirators of that era and that drum beat is 808's all over it but I'm repeating myself since that album was so Kid Cudi and T-pain manipulated, AND what an ending of a record, shit. To me its the ending for sure; even if its not

I remember my best friend & I deciding after we heard Jaden on "Scareface" & "The Offering" that he sounded like the future of hip-hop this sort of hybrid of experimentation stitched to rap with a core that was pop-accessible because hip-hop would by then have been such a morphed genre with its zeitgeist period in music spiraling into the most consumed form of music. "Riot" upholds the vibe, perhaps its because my headphones are at full volume, you owe yourself the experience, similar to Linkin Park(in their combination of genres), the combination of Punk, Trap and Hip-Hop on this record is impressive they are usually un-combinable elements but they work here, ask Cudi or Wayne and he beat Scott to the sound found here as someone worshiping the "Cudi" strain , "Riot" ends in the way "LOOK AT ME" hits but with more nuance that a live Travis Scott show would burn out in its energy, I'm there ffor this, but since I've followed dude the moment he made something worth listening to it may be a bias situation, but this to me is really innovative.

While looking at early reception I may be poisoned in my thoughts but fuck if I care, this hits for me, "ERYS" is a terrible ending though for me in the same way "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" felt a utterly flawed (and utterly unaware of the nuances in sound needed) but interesting direction, that I knew someone would eventually reach, this isn't that record but fuck me if it isn't the missing-link. But as I uttered those thoughts the second section of "ERYS" /the track played out and yes, its good not punk at all but its a Cudi descendant and emotionally I'm there to play this entire record again, and whenever I get that feeling the record ends up being something so very brilliant to me, this destroyed my expectations again, I expected a Trap record as bad as every mumble rapper, I've stabbed myself to while listening to their entire record, so happy with this, its a better record than "SYRE" and growth can never be a bad thing.

Extra thoughts:
"P" opens sounding like "Evanescence" and I'm not for that in those moments, also I'm glad Jaden left his cringe cleared out lyrics on "I" , also slowly tripping on the well constructed connection between the debut and sophomore effort, its a complete diversion in sound while still building on his sound, and that's stupid hard to do, I know because I've listened to thousands of sophomore albums, yeah! also for an 1hour plus record, I'm impressed at its cohesiveness, and no stupid sample based intros that plague most hip-hop records replay-ability

ALSO that hairclipper loop, fuck me, LIDO continues to impress with Jaden at his side, it goes and its linked to his character; talking about tied to character I think this record needs to be listened to fairly loud, I've tried different volumes and at lower volumes, the album loses a lot of its color so keep that in mind when listening.

I think as a whole, the final mix of this album especially when placed alongside SYRE tracks is strangely quiet, its placed to the back with this wide open grey noise in the front of the mix, its pretty strange but I guess this just means this record was handled by Jadens crew and Roc Nation didn't do much, very weird.
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