Bon Iver - i,i
Aug 9, 2019 (updated Aug 14, 2019)
Sonically, this seems built from the same glitching body of sound as "22, A Million" even the album titles seem similarly created, hinting at perhaps a larger vision being built out here (or just aesthetic i,i hope not) , both album covers are also chaotic, and that of course speaks for the music while the best aspect of this album is its soundscape as it shapes and shifts across its lyrical content and oh boy;

Lyrically, this thing is a mess, with a collision of thoughts stapled together in junkie notebook fashion, its messy in the way the album seems to be designed yes, but its just so poorly written, people will try to pass this off as poetry, but it really really isn't it is a bunch of pseudo phrases knitted together with child-like descriptions; I waited outside, I took it remote, I wanted a bath, "Tell the story or he goes" // "The dawn is rising, The land ain't rising, No, no, no, Flash hope, Pass the throw"

elementary shit and then at other times the references to phrases are so buried in again a fake, non real & illusory (see what I did there I stacked three similar words for alternating effect, its basically the concept-crux of this whole albums chorus structure) "Salem burns the leaves, Then she, Returns to cure and see, Heavy fate, After years of waiting" here we see some fake connection to "Salem burn" which has Salem witch trials imagery I guess? and then he uses a female "She" protagonist, very key to the witch imagery, returning after years of waiting for her heavy fate I guess pointing towards the upward trend for women's rights? this album is full of these vague save the world lines and then a few lines later we see a completely different viewpoint removed from anything to do with that line "There's no anorberic dream Far as I know I tried too hard to see What I thought it’d be Asking constantly How's it gonna be?" I'll be honest I have no clue what "anorberic" means but it won't be the first time I see some weird word completely lost to a sea of other pointless words in this record.

So, I really like how this album sounds, if only it wasn't built around a bunch of empty, sometimes unintelligible words. I'm definitely here for the artistry that the Bon Iver moniker pushes, and again the soundscape is so interesting, rich and interchangeably built with instruments appearing and disappearing seamlessly, but please stop trying to write your "poetry" like any other art form you've got to actually work at it, not scribble words next to each other and hide behind the invisible wall of artistic, the writing is trash and you ruined the world you built with some really poor writing.

Favourite track: Hey, Ma (although even the chorus needs a lyrical re-write)
how about, "full time you talk your money up, like you're living in a gold-mine"
or " these days, you chase your money like, it's living in a coal mine" instantly more intelligible a hook, like come on!
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