Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen
Oct 3, 2019 (updated Oct 4, 2019)
Its the ghosts within Nick Cave's writing that sing these songs, not him. every line shakes the timbre in his voice with phantom pain,

"I lay in the forest amongst the butterflies and the fireflies
And the burning horses and the flaming trees
As a spiral of children climb up to the sun"

"And a man named Jesus, he promised he would leave us
With a word that would light up the night, oh the night
But the stars hang from threads and blink off one by one
And it isn't any fun, no it isn't any fun
To be standing here alone with nowhere to be
With a man mad with grief and on each side a thief
Everybody hanging from a tree, from a tree
And everybody hanging from a tree"

If Bob Dylan received the noble peace prize in literature for his gift as a songwriter, that is a writer who turns his songs into little stories as vivid as the great writers within book and Kendrick Lamar received the Pulitzer Prize in Music for his craft as a lyricist, that is someone who weaves his stories within complex rhyme patterns and "affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life" then Nick Cave receiving the "Order of Australia" must stand as his admission for being the greatest living "poet" within music, while the word poet or poetic is thrown around far too easily and by those who don't even truly know what a poem is; this record is, if anything at all, a body of sound stitched alongside a collection of poems, much like "Skeleton Tree" before this record, Cave has found a way to marry poetry and sound both in their purest forms, something that looking around nobody has actually been able to do.

"Mostly I never knew which way was out
Once it was on, it was on and that was that
The umbilicus was a faucet that fountained rabbit blood
And I spun on my wheel like a laboratory rat

I was an electrical storm on the bathroom floor, clutching the bowl
My blood was full of gags and other people's diseases
My monstrous little memory had swallowed me whole
It was the year I officially became the bride of Jesus"

"And the stars were splashed across the ceiling"
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