Radiohead - In Rainbows
Oct 27, 2018
The power of this album to me, is that I can remember the first time I heard this album, I may not be clear on the date or anything like that but I remember distinctly. That I had come to visit my grandmother who stayed in a little rural town in South Africa, it was Christmas time and I was a teenager being pulled away from electronics of online form, since wi-fi was obviously something my granny hadnt invested in or even knew about and my chidlhood friends from that town, all memories much like this retelling.

The only thing I had to ward away boredom through this family-time was an iPod filled with music I'd beaten to death with relistens and yes "In Rainbows". I can still remember that I replayed and replayed Weird Fishes tracing each instruments path across Yorke's voice, the lyrics fed to the melancholy animal that was slowly taking control of all my thoughts, "why should I stay here" felt so good considering the christmas trap-card pulled, its meaning now though really something else but as meaningful as ever. The duality of running away so well held together. making it an album that can reach even a young teen and push out to adults playing with the idea suicide and death, a theme Yorke stated ran to the heart of this album.

When I finally moved along to the next track, "All I need" it was dark and I had found my escape on the roof, looking up, looking back there really wasn't a better way to experience this track, other than say meeting the love of your life while Radiohead played the live variations of this track but who are we kidding and why am I digressing. Lyrically the track etched into my mind a 5 syllable pacing that would later form the backdrop of the first poem I ever won a competition for; in a time when there weren't any real role-model writers, An artist such as Yorke, fit the role perfectly. Not a rockstar at all, more an introverted writer given the voice of an angel, and this album really saw Yorke becoming accepting of his pitch, that was only teased in HTTT (think Sail to the Moon).

Faust Arp is a track I only listened to when I was half awake too tired to press skip on my iPod because of this, its a track that I've come to use as a sleep inducement tonic, its up there with all the rockaby baby radiohead albums.

House of Cards & Jigsaw Falling Into Place, was really the first time I was hearing jazz in a modern sense of the concept of sound, looking back its jazz roots are so faint, I'm hella proud of myself for learning the bass-groove and delving down its origin route which led me to discovering the sleeping giant of jazz-rap.

Videotape, was my best friends favourite track of the album which I was surprised by, since I never gave it as many listens as I did the rest of the album highlights, therfore it was truly the last song of this album for me, the last track of the album I grew to love, the last track to teach me valuable lessons on tone when delivering a somber mood in your writing and quite unconsciously the final piece I did on my first published release held the same tone, and even the piece itself used the phrase "end of the tape" showing how much an album can truly affect a person, especially when you're so young. and linger in the back of your mind long after the song has stopped playing.


Faust ARP is probably the only eye sore, and becomes even more so when confronted with the disc 2, Go slowly or Last Flowers would have perfectly replaced ARP one would think.

But then one realizes that this album was created to mirror OK Computer, with each song running off into the next, its a crazy playlist to make, 01/10 google it.
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