Elton John - Regimental Sgt. Zippo
Jun 12, 2021
Wake Up Honey, Elton John dropped what was supposed to be his debut album.

Regimental Sgt. Zippo was realistically supposed to be Elton's debut album, recording it when he was only 19, from 1967 to 1968. I wouldn't happen to know why it didn't get a proper release but until now it was a record that was lost. So with this record being lost, the record that came out instead in 1969 was Empty Sky, which was meh. This record mainly consists of alternate versions of most of the songs on here, with a new song, I guess being the title track, which is cool.

This record sounds like the kind of stuff you would hear during the late 60's, but that's a good thing, because I like that kind-of pop rock somewhat psychedelic music. Elton obviously puts his own flavor like he does with a lot of his music, so it stands out a bit. The album opens with "When I Was Tealby Abbey" which is a pretty good, upbeat song with some nice production. We then have "And the Clock Goes 'Round" which is a decent song as a piano based pop song from the 60's with an acoustic hook, it basically sounds like how an Elton song would sound. "Sitting Doing Nothing" is a song about boredom and being lazy, and not knowing where to go. We totally haven't heard that subject matter before, but besides that, it's one of my favorites from the album.

"Turn to Me" is next and it pretty much sounds like something you would hear from one of The Beatles' early records, but piano based. I think it's quite good, but somewhat derivative of early Beatles. "Angel Tree" is an average, short and sweet track, that is pretty much forgettable besides its production. The lyrics are whatever. We then have the Title Track, which is the first "trippy" track I guess, but it's really not that Psychedelic. It reminds me of Sgt. Pepper, but I still like it a hell of a ton, especially that guitar solo.

"A Dandelion Dies in the Wind" is another pretty good song, like Tealby Abbey, it's an upbeat sounding track with some I guess sad lyrics idk. "You'll Be Sorry to See Me Go" is another fun pop song like Clock Goes 'Round and Sitting Doing Nothing, as well as being short and sweet, but kinda forgettable. That's probably because we get our second psychedelic song (kind-of, these really aren't that trippy but I'll let it slide). "Nina" is a desperate love song in its lyrics, with some trippy-ish production and guitar based instrument. It's fine. We then have "Tartan Coloured Lady" which is another psychedelic-ish song. It gives me thoughts as a pre-cursor to Led Zeppelin's Song "The Battle of Evermore." That might just be me but idk, it's great and I like the drums and flutes.

"Hourglass" is an acoustic song with some piano, and while it sounds nice and a tiny bit sentimental, it probably the least interesting track, and it's kinda boring. Drawing Crazy patterns on your shoe may seem interesting when your bored though. We finally have the closer "Watching the Planes Go By." It a nice closer with some great production, also the songwriting is great.

As for extra thoughts, I really fucking loved the drums, the songwriting and lyrics are pretty great. Is it trippy? Not really, only in some moments is it really trippy at all, so I wouldn't really call it that.

In short, this would've been a much better debut than Empty Sky. While in some moments its boring and not really that interesting, as well as being a tiny bit derivative of the Beatles, it's a pretty good record. Happy Record Store Day lol.


Favorite Tracks: Regimental Sgt. Zippo, Turn To Me, Watching the Planes Go By, When I Was Tealby Abbey
Least Favorite Tracks: Angel Tree, Hourglass
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