Ed Sheeran - Autumn Variations
i must've had some spiritual awakening or something because why do i actually like ed's music now
Dream - to whoever wants to hear
I liked the breakbeat-ish/drum and bass influence on the first track, and Yung Gravy’s verse was so bad in a good way.

That’s it, it’s really just pandering and all that, very bleh, very generic, very bad.

The Microphones - Microphones in 2020
only phil elverum could keep me interested in a repetitive musical autobiography based around two chords and an entire career.
twenty one pilots - Vessel
It's so goddamn dated, but some of the songs are real slappers though.
Charlie Puth - Voicenotes
you know, for charlie puth, this is some pretty good pop music. it's nothing mind blowing at all, but it's catchy, and a lot more listenable than most of his music. why can't he make more songs like these instead of trying to make the next Tik Tok banger. I'm sure we'd get more solid pop music from him if he actually tried and made solid and catchy songs like on this.

it's still corny as fuck, but hey I'll take it any day over Nine Track Mind

Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760
it's always fun to see aphex twin pop up once in a while to deliver some solid electronic or ambient music
Post Malone - AUSTIN
It's fine, it's enjoyable, it's pretty decent pop music that vibes. Way better than his previous record (even though it has grown on me a bit). There's just nothing to really write home about though, which kinda disappoints me. Though it's nice while it's on, often it is in one ear and out the other.
Travis Scott - UTOPIA
Edit: "her los-" *gunshot*

also damn that was pretty good. i definitely need to listen to it more, but on first listen, it's actually great. it's just really long, and has some unnecessary tracks


Part of me still can’t believe it’s even out. The hype for this shit is unreal, but now it’s here. Listening to this rn (score will be updated)

Sleaford Mods - UK GRIM
this sucks so much ass, but I had a lot of fun listening to this. it is very entertaining seeing what stuff they come up with next, I was intrigued the entire way through, which you cannot say for most bad or forgettable albums.
Roger Waters - Money
i mean it's certainly a way to recreate the song. it's not terrible, but it doesn't really hit in the same fashion as the original. it's very slow, but also a little bit unsettling especially with the spoken word. it's something, I don't know whether to love or hate this.
Blur - The Ballad of Darren
even though I like this album, this was lowkey a little bit disappointing to be honest.

the singles got me really excited for something cool, but the album is exactly what the title implies. Ballads. Now there's nothing wrong with ballads, they're nice and serve a beautiful purpose, and some of these songs are good, but it's mostly just melancholy all throughout without much deviation.

i really wish they took a risk and made more songs like "St. Charles Square", or had more ... read more

McKinley Dixon - Beloved! Paradise! Jazz​!​?
some damn good jazz rap. right now this is rap album of the year for sure
Olivia Rodrigo - vampire
it's good. the lyrics are good even though some of the metaphors are basic. production is fine, there were like 2 interesting instrumental moments (the part before the bridge and outro), though her vocals are great on this.

idk man it's pretty good but my issue with this is that it doesn't really do anything to progress her sound that much. It's a pop ballad, which is fine, but hopefully this new record isn't just Sour 2, instead of being the big step up we all want.

Swans - The Beggar
Some parts run a little too long, but other than that, I need to stop underestimating how beautiful some of these Swans records are.

Great Record

Geese - 3D Country
Before I say anything, the title track has got to be one of the best songs of the year, such a fantastic song. What top 5 are you smoking on Swans.

The rest of the album is great too. We have the punchy opener "2122" with these banging rock riffs, weird lyrical passages and an aura of fun and chaotic energy. The middle section amplifies it even further being really loud and experimental, creating this incredible opener. We then have the title track which is just a pure ... read more

Sigur Rós - ÁTTA
goddamn my ears are very pleased. the first half especially is some of the best music I think I will hear throughout this year. it is borderline perfection. I think my only gripe with this project is that some songs run a little long, and I think the second half is not really as interesting at the first as it panders on. though overall, this is an amazing project and a wonderful return of a great band.


Favorite Tracks: Blóðberg, Skel, Klettur, Mór, 8
Least Favorite ... read more

Lovejoy - Wake Up & It's Over
It sounds like Arctic Monkeys, the influence is so obvious, but it’s actually pretty good. This heavy Garage Rock sound they have suits them well. I’d just want to see what a full album would be like at this point and even though it’s flawed there’s still some pretty good songs on here.
Destroy Lonely - If Looks Could Kill
bruh can artists stop making their albums movie length.
im tryna listen to some music, and unless your shit is actually justified being long like if its TPAB or a good concept album or something, then I ain't listening to all that.
it just turns me away from listening. it doesn't need to be an hour and 23 minutes long. jesus christ.

the music ain't much better, it all sounds the same, but I guess I'll give it some credit that some songs on their own are fire. The production is interesting, the ... read more

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