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AC/DC - T.N.T.
Jan 11

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Swans - A Screw
Swans discography listen 7/? | A SCREW (1986)

Sorry for the length.


Yes. I did not input the score incorrectly. Yes I gave this very coveted number (only 3 albums are at a 100 for me rn and there’s like only 5 or 6 others out there that are truly 100s for me) to this EP. Am I crazy? Probably. I had to republish this entire review because the original couldn’t express how this EP makes me feel.

A Screw is the Swans’ magnum opus. Yes, an incredibly ... read more

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ยฅ$ - Talking / Once Again
The very aggressive yet chill sample was a fantastic addition to the song. I do think the second half of the song might lose some momentum, but overall the entire thing was fantastic and I am so excited for Kanye to comeback. I shit on him a lot but at the end of the day the man has made such an impact on my life and he will always be my favorite and my GOAT no matter what.
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock
AC/DC hater listens to the AC/DC discography 4/?
[High Voltage: 52, T.N.T: 56, DDDDC: 64]

If I didn’t know about the rest of this band, this is the album where I would throw my white flag and hands up. This is a good album. Not even just a good album, but a great one. If I didn’t know what was gonna come up in the Brian Johnson “pop rock” era AC/DC, this album would almost entirely convince me to like this band. This is such a good album. It has such good standouts and ... read more

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC hater listens to the AC/DC discography 3/?
[High Voltage: 52, T.N.T: 56]

I’m very shocked so far how much I… don’t dislike this band. With Led Zeppelin I basically immediately started putting their albums in red and with R.E.M. it took me a hot minute to warm up to them, but everything I’ve heard from AC/DC has been pretty okay so far. I know it really goes down once Bob Scott died and that could be why, but this is a very solid album. I’m very shocked how ... read more

SPRINTS - Letter To Self
This is like if Olivia Rodrigo listened to no wave music for an hour and said “bet”. Not calling this no wave obviously, I’m just saying I like how uncomfortably grimey and dirty this production can feel. It’s not an album I expected to like at all, but it was actually really good. Besides her vocals kind of wearing out at the end and seeming rather flat and one dimensional, the album was pretty good. I appreciate post-punk revival with a hint of hardcore mixing. ... read more
AC/DC - T.N.T.
AC/DC hater listens to the AC/DC discography 2/?
[High Voltage: 52]

This is where AC/DC truly becomes AC/DC. While to a large extent they still have that very early jollyness and glee, they really abandon the pop rock direction of the previous album a lot. It’s not that last album was great, but it wasn’t bad at all. This album in comparison is a sort of fun mess. This easily has some of the best AC/DC songs on here, but the tonal and quality inconsistencies prevalent are crazy. ... read more


Yo ACopWithACub! I just made my first review on YouTube! The video is about Jay Z and I would appreciate if you check it out! The video is published at 9:30 EST! Here is link:

Hey CopWithAClub, hope you're doing well! I'm currently seeking submissions for the project i’m looking to release when i hit 500 followers. I’m aiming to create what’s known as a network graph of AOTY. If you'd like to take part, please check out this short questionnaire there’s more details on that page to hopefully elaborate on what it’s about if this is your first time hearing of a network graph! Thanks in advance if you do intend to take part, and I wish your day is/was pleasant!
Hey Cop with a Club, I am once again an AOTY user asking for your time.

Self-promos aren’t something I usually feel comfortable doing, since if you’re not interested in what I’m promoting then I don’t really wanna make you watch something you don’t care about. And if that’s the case, feel free to just ignore me, I probably won’t ever do shoutbox promos again anyway lol. But I recently dropped Part 1 of my top 20 songs of 2023 and spent a TON of time on editing and stuff so I’m gonna self-indulge a little bit here. If you’ve got the time or it sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d love to know what you think of it! Thank you!
Hello ACopWithAClub. It would be cool if you would rate my friend's song
Hello there acopwithaclub!
Me and my brother recently released an album - in my review I explained the cool story behind how it was made and how it went semi-viral.
It would mean a lot if you could take a look, I promise it's pretty interesting :D

You can also check out my year-end lists that I just finished making, they took some time to make so I hope you enjoy the little notes I included with every album and song!

Best Albums List:
Best Songs List:

sorry for bothering you, that's it, thanks :>
Hi ACopWithAClub

Thanks so much for following me. To celebrate my 200 follower milestone, I have made a special review and I was hoping you could take even just a little bit of time out of your day to read through it, it would mean so much to me if you could.
ACopWithAClub Im making ANOTHA community list, following up my last list here is the new question... You're at the gates of heaven and the only way to let you in is if you show them a BANGER. What are you picking? Thank you for your time ๐Ÿ™
Hi there cop! Thank you for following it means a lot :> To celebrate reaching 100 followers, I want you to recommend me your top 5 albums you would like me to extensively review, and the top album that is chosen among my followers I will review! If you cant come up with five, one or two albums will do. Thanks :3
hi there cop! for 200, i thought i would make my first community list! the topic is your favorite long song (by my definition, that’s 7/8 minutes or more)! thanks and have a great day!


โ€œheyyyyyy, ringwald hazeโ€

average rating: 63

iโ€™m a harsh grader but iโ€™m not mean pinky promise ๐Ÿ˜Œ


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