Jan 14, 2019
... Emptiness. Pure... emptiness.
Songs are the same... And it's not a good song... At one moment I thought the record would turn good when that sick piano/guitar riff on "SROTDM" came on but... no... switches to the same... Idk. It's so bad I am lost for words. I don't feel anything for this record, not even hate, I just know I don't love anything about it...
Jan 14, 2019
From the first song to the third, there's a huge transition from the kinda nice to the absolutely boring. I started listening to that record not knowing who Gnash was until I saw "I love u I hate u" was on that record. So my impression of him went from an independent kid making his songs without pissing off the world and about to progress a lot, to this artist already done with his career and recycling successful songs and boring chords progressions. I wish gnash could be talented but ... read more
Jan 14, 2019
Young is one of the most talented female artist I heard in the past few years. With this angelic EP, she proves guitar is a secondary instrument for her (like wow what) and that piano is the source of all her creations. Can only be beautiful

FAV: Yearn
Jan 14, 2019
Absolute masterpiece. The proof that heavy metal can also have beautiful melodies even at its highest power. Such a great moment of noisy perfection, feeling this huge meteor of sound crushing me. Makes me want to conquer the world.

Fav: Witan
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