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Jeremy Zuckerman - Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1: Water (Music from the Animated Series)
Its everything I wanted and more.

As an avid Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, the reality of this soundtrack being officially released feels somewhat surreal. Hours I've spent looking for the perfect fan-made versions of this soundtrack, but now, 18 years after the series' debut in 2005, this rich and elaborate orchestral version is just there for the taking, and I could not have been happier about it.

Alongside "How to Train Your Dragon", ATLA's soundtrack shaped my admiration for ... read more

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Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
I was first exposed to Fleet Foxes' self-titled debut by my mother. It was at a time where I did not grasp the complexity of the music yet, however one line from "White Winter Hymnal" always stood out to me:

"And I turned 'round and there you go
And, Michael, you would fall
And turn the white snow red as strawberries
In the summertime"

Obviously, the lyrics are quite dark (which I did not understand back then), but the delivery is so sweet and melodic, it has stuck with me ... read more

유키카 [YUKIKA] - timeabout,
timeabout," is a worthy successor to "서울여자" in terms of about everything.

The instrumentals are smoother than ever, the melodies are super catchy, and the production puts a subtle new spin on the sound Yukika debuted with.

There is not much else to say, besides that "timeabout." is another great addition to Yukika's discography. In an industry as crowded as the K-pop scene, the fact that her sound remains to be uniquely her's is a treat in itself.

유키카 [YUKIKA] - 서울여자 [SOUL LADY]
After Yukika's announcement yesterday that she will not make any more music, I thought I would finally give her work some well-deserved reviews. Yukika's soulful and classic take on city pop has long held a special place in my heart; nobody captures the city pop spirit quite like she does.

Originally from Japan, she moved to South Korea in the 2010's to pursue a Korean music career. After taking part in multiple temporary projects and shows, Yukika released her first Korean solo song ... read more

Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
What a way to make a debut.

Arctic Monkeys did not hold back whatsoever. Despite this album only being the band's debut, it is very characteristically them. The influences are obviously there and shape the music to some extent, but my mind never goes to that. "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" is 100% an Arctic Monkeys record.

Now, I know (based on other reviews I've read) that many would disagree, calling the record a culmination of British music up until that point. ... read more

New YG girl group, same old formula.

Babymonster's debut I kind of forgot about, and I would have had it not popped up on my AOTY feed. Generally, I stopped being interested in YG releases a long time ago. Never EVER will you catch them doing something innovative or refreshing nowadays; YG's inability to evolve their sound should be studied.

Now, there is no point denying that their production is usually high-quality and clean, and "Batter Up" is no different, but every bit as ... read more


6. nctdojaejung - perfume
surprising how much i enjoyed it, it's so good, i don't know how to explain, maybe because I love this EXO sonority.

7. lossemble - newtopia
the track is so cute and comfortable, i love it!

8. billlie - BYOB
another cute track.

9. ateez - bouncy

10. tripleS - girls' capitalism
it's fun and one of my most listened songs of the year, so I'll put it here.

My English is very bad, sorry...

1. tripleS - rising
triples is currently my favorite group and in my opinion this is their best song, that breakdance is AMAZING.

2. billlie - nevertheless
the vocals at the end, insane...

3. newjeans - super shy
i am this song.

4. aespa - spicy
The instrumental is AMAZING and their performance is perfect.

5. got the beat - outlaw
they hate it but i love it! STRONG instrumentals and obviously INSANE vocals from BoA. BANGER!
I really do not see the hype behind the new Jessie Ware. I have a review up if you'd like to see a different perspective. Just don't know what I'm missing on the record. Why do you think folks like this one more that What's Your Pleasure?
Hey, I'm kinda in a rush right now, but if I'm to choose a best K-pop album fo the year would be Kwon Jin Ah's The Flag, and a best song would be CRAXy's Nugudom
Just really fun and a great mood booster.

7. NewJeans - OMG
NJ has to be on here somewhere with the year they've had. OMG is my personal favorite song from them. This is an undeniable hit.

8. STAYC - I Wanna Do
STAYC always delivers with the B-sides in my opinion. Drill beats has been a pretty big craze in K-Pop this year, but this song utilized it PERFECTLY.

9. Red Velvet - Underwater
Just that classic Velvet sound that never gets old.

10. The Deep - BAPPI
The best and most addicting independent K-Pop track I've heard this year.

Thanks again for including me 💗
Thanks for including me! In no particular order:
1. Dreamcatcher - BONVOYAGE
Such a pretty song. Completely unique from any other KPop release this year.

2. tripleS - Beam
tripleS dropped so many good B-sides this year, but this has to be my favorite. It's a pretty lowkey song but it's just so addicting.

3. IVE - Hypnosis

4. ODD EYE CIRCLE - Air Force One
My favorite song off my favorite K-Pop album/EP of the year.

5. KISS OF LIFE - Sugarcoat
I haven't heard this style of R&B executed this well in a VERY long time.
Thank you for the question :) Here are a few of my personal favorite songs of 2023

1. Like Crazy - Jimin
A delicious synth pop hit that really brings Jimin’s sweet and delicate timbre to life

2. Take My Hand - Zerobaseone
It’s just melodically so versatile and takes you on an ethereal trip

3. Farewell Neverland - Tomorrow x Together
The perfect bittersweet tune that tells you a magical but tragic love story

4. Michelangelo - B.I
An impactful track with an instrumental that has so much magnitude driven by the powerful horns. I love the smart references to Michelangelo in the lyrics - my favorite „ after understanding, destruction and creation. scope the sound into your ears” (I’ve heard this song live on his tour and it was a-ma-zing)

5. Unforgettable - ONEUS
Borderline euphoric without going too over the top. The rock instrumentals infused with synths and crazy strings offer a solid framework for the vocalists to do their thing & Seoho has that voice

Have a great day :)
Here is the second and final part of my list:

6. Hold On Tight – aespa
A fun sleeper hit release by aespa that basically was the soundtrack to me learning to code (it lasted 10 days but it was a fun time)

7. Love Me Like This – NMIXX
A song people found annoying but I actually found a lot of fun. It was tongue in cheek, the choreo was fun and had such a playful feel to it

8. Ditto – Newjeans
I hate hyping up newjeans but this was just a beautiful track and was a great start to the year

9. Queencard – G(i)-dle
Just iconic and was the soundtrack to my summer

10. I Don’t Wanna Know – Lee Chae yeon
I don’t feel like many people listened to this song, but I hope they do because it’s such a cool song and not your typical kpop track. Knock was great but this was a surprise hidden within the mini album that was very much appreciated.
Hello, this is a cool idea, so here are some of mine that I wanted to share in no order in particular:
1. Sugarcoat – kiss of life
It was a nice rnb track and it was nice to see Natty get some recognition, after having heard about her for so long, her getting the recognition she deserves was nice. It also gave a really nice krnb track in kpop that we don't usually get outside of red velvet

2. Welcome to MY world – aespa
Just a beautiful track for a beautiful mini album. Gave me 'Feel My Rhythm' vibes but with an aespa spin which was nice to hear

3. Eve, Pschye & Bluebeards Wife – LE SSERAFIM
Before this became an inescapable song this was a tune that is fun and still is fun even after being milked dry

4. Newtopia – Loossemble
I'm a LOONA simp and this is low-key one of my favourite loona adjacent release

5. Air Force One – ODD EYE CICLE
Another LOONA adjacent release which was just so fun and still feels so fresh
what a great idea! i'll think about it over the weekend, get some words down and go back to u!!


Dutch girl who likes to talk about music. This is all just for fun and my personal opinion! Most updated reviews are just me correcting my spelling mistakes.

I mostly like to review soundtracks/scores, pop, soul and K-pop projects, but I'm always open to trying new things. Feel free to leave any recommendations!

All the projects in my library are records that I have on vinyl/own a physical copy of.

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Let It Happen by Tame Impala

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