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AGoodLook -
This probably won’t be my highest rated album I’ll review. Subjectively, though, it may very well be my favorite album of all time. This thing single-handedly got me through my first half of college. Neil’s lyrics have never been more focused—committed to a level of zaniness and creativity missing from past releases. His voice has never had more confidence—zipping around different ideas and personas with the vim of Buddy Holly in a reality where he started Oingo ... read more

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AGoodLook -
After their dip in quality with "Children of the Stars", and Orion Simprini's disappointing solo album “Lush Life,” The Orion experience returns to form with the bombastic “Sugar Deluxe.” Discarding the heavy synths and faux-revolutionary optimism it had draped itself in like a child playing dress-up in their father's coat, "Sugar Deluxe" returns to a more guitaur-heavy sound celebrating lust and lavishness, now with a few new instrumental tricks up ... read more
AGoodLook -
I’ve gone back and forth on this one a lot, sometimes considering it a really solid release, other times considering it a clunker with a few hidden gems thrown in. I’ve come to realize that the problem is that I always go into it thinking I've been unfair, because this thing is INCREDIBLY front-loaded. I mean, its three singles are all within the first four tracks.

And the quality of those first four are really something else, making you feel like you’re packed for an ... read more
AGoodLook -
Brrrrrz. This is a doozy of a thing to rate, since there’s a ton of things to love here, but almost none of them relate to the music.

Most people familiar with The Mechanisms, the steampunk filk band writing dark futuristic versions of classic stories and fables through the framing device of a crew of singing immortal space pirates, first heard of them from their connections to The Magnus Archives. The popular (and quite good) horror anthology series is written and performed by Jonathan ... read more
AGoodLook -
You know how you'd want a tide pod to taste? This is that, but via soundwaves instead of tastants.
AGoodLook -
This certainly took some adjustment for me; I don't have much experience with this style of power pop, and it was missing the essential elements of the acts I thought closest to it. This doesn't have the tired, gravelly anger of Liz Phair or the brash, unapologetic enthusiasm of Cub. But with enough listens, I've come to enjoy the snarling disdain in bubblegum stilettos that is Blame Game.

The mood is set perfectly with the jovial sneer of "Good Girls Don't Get Used," which cuts to ... read more


Feb 7, 2021
Thanks for following!!!! love your reviews 🥰
Jan 9, 2021
Hello, I hope you're having a good day. I am reaching out in regards to my next AOTY Icon Interview. If you're unfamiliar with the series I crowdsource for questions. This time around for January 2021 edition, I will be interviewing PipePanic. The question is, what is a music-related question you can ask Pipe. Please refrain from asking questions as simple as "What is your favorite album?" Please also refrain from asking for thoughts about a specific album or asking joke questions. I ask that you ask something thought-provoking and ambiguous. I will be selecting the best questions to ask Pipe. If you can't think of any questions, you have a week to think about it. I also recommend checking my shoutbox before asking the question just to verify it hasn't been asked already. All participants will be credited for their questions. The interview will be posted by the end of the month. Thank you!
Dec 30, 2020
2020 has been a huge roadblock, a year that a lot of people would want to forget. Filled with hardships and pain. As this year is coming to a close, I wanted to ask a question for a list. What song would you listen to, to end the year off entirely? It can either be a send-off song, or a song that you would listen to in high hopes for 2021. Hope I'm not bothering, and if you respond, thanks for the help!
Dec 22, 2020
Thanks for the response, here's the list if you wanna see it:
Dec 22, 2020
Hey, what's your favorite Kanye West song? It's for a list btw
Dec 16, 2020
thank you for your pick!
the list is out right now,link
is down below. thanks! (again)
Dec 15, 2020
Hello, I'd like to ask what's your favourite music video? It is for a list fyi
Dec 13, 2020
hey there, im making
a list, what is your album
of the year? and can

you make a haiku
on why it is your choice too?
thank you very much
Nov 14, 2020
You got a follow for spitting facts on that Barenaked Ladies album


Way too pretentious for someone unironically into vaporwave. Wandering through the wastes of bandcamp, desperate for a quality track. Trying to make "shufflecore" a thing.

Reviews are mostly an excuse to indulge in my worst impulses regarding purple prose and verbiage. They tend to be longer and higher-rated because I mostly only review things I'm intimately familiar with, and I'm not a fan of subjecting myself to music I don't like.

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