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The Smile - Thin Thing
goes hard but like did they have to release half the album as singles like did no one stop thom or smth
Noah Grigoroff - Drown Cycle
A pleasant and concise electronically-tinged art pop EP. People are saying this is Björk worship and I don't know if I really agree but even if it was, that's not exactly a bad thing in my books. While the vocals rarely impress me, it's the layered instrumentals that are the main attraction of this project for me.

Favourite Tracks: Shatter Zone*, Outside

Noah Grigoroff - Drown Cycle
It's crazy that out of 11 ratings, the lowest rating is a 90, so my expectations for this EP are very high.

I'm not too crazy about the vocals on this EP, but the instrumentals go in cool directions sometimes.

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