aidinfunny -
tf did i just listen to
aidinfunny -
a dirty, overly sexual, violent, raw and powerful mess! (see what i did there...)
aidinfunny -
this singer is so fucking annoying
aidinfunny -
This is the best sounding album of all time
aidinfunny -
It's shocking that Bohemian Rhapsody's single contained I'm In Love With My Car as the B-Side. One of the best songs of all time paired with the most mediocre song off this album lol
aidinfunny -
divine in its simplicity
aidinfunny -
only problem with it is that it's only 5 minutes long, but in a way thats a good thing, cause these 5 minutes are great!
aidinfunny -
unforgivably boring
aidinfunny -
fucking incredible
aidinfunny -
what the fuck is this shit? bjork is shouting about naked men on rooftops and a 5 year old dating a 40 year old over these dreamy post-punkesque guitars with this icelandic guy who has a horrible voice occasionally coming in and talking during the songs? what?
aidinfunny -
nothing too crazy but a really fun noise rock album ­čĹŹ

cant wait to see what my favourite youtuber of all time has in store for us next!
aidinfunny -
it provided some decent background music i guess?
aidinfunny -
these songs are super relatable ( i have sex all the time)
aidinfunny -
fun, angsty, aggressive, whiny, catchy, iconic, brilliant, funny. what is there not to like about this?
aidinfunny -
This entire album made me feel like I just had sex with my cousin.
aidinfunny -
this is just mall music with vocals
aidinfunny -
probably one of the greatest albums ever made
aidinfunny -
actual fucking shit
aidinfunny -
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