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LUMP - Animal
Aug 14

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Alangreenw -
Well, how can I even start this review?
Maybe by saying that this is my favorite album of all time…

This album right here shaped the way I look at music as an art form completely without a doubt. Before listening to this piece of art, I’d listen to music and even some albums, and I’d overall just see that as “something to have on the background or when I’m bored”, never did it come to my mind that this could be someone’s hobby unless you play an ... read more

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Alangreenw -
This to me is easily the best Pop album of this year!

After listening to this album A LOT, I can say that Lil Nas has some kind of secret formula to make catchy songs, like I'm not even sure if it's something related to music theory or something, but it's totally proven to me on this project as now most of the songs I end up singing partially, which is what pop is all about, right?

In here I see Lil Nas creating a type of world of musical styles, some Rock inspired songs, Rap tracks, and ... read more
Alangreenw -
This is the first album that I've heard on a release date that I consider to be 10/10 after multiple listens and honestly it feels completely deserved. This in my opinion could be the next underground critically acclaimed album that would be completely recognizable by a song or just the cover art, it's almost like a statement. Kind of like 'The Money Store' as @TomBejoy pointed out.

There have been many records that sound strange and experimental during the last couple of years. This year ... read more
Alangreenw -
I enjoy this album a lot and completely understand why it's gotten so much praise, so more power to Little Simz!

With each listen I feel like this album gains more power and feels better structured, it's a rarity to find such projects nowadays considering it's not easy at all, I'm sure of it. Some people think there are too many interludes and that they bloat the album, but here they're used very tastefully so I think they're perfect and should stay here as they add a lot. I must also say that ... read more
Alangreenw -
Baby Keem's new record shows he has one the best characters and charismas in the game right now.

This album is long and a bit messy, I was surprised by the numbers it had made with the singles 'Durag Activity' and 'Family ties' which both have some pretty big names attached to them. It's easy to see that Keem can go crazy and be expressive enough in his Trap-rap verses in the same way he was in his feature on 'Donda', and his ... read more
Alangreenw -
I think this should have been the lead single of the album to create even more hype from the mainstream side. Love this song, it'll always be special in ye's discog for basically evolving during 3 years and 3 albums.


Sep 27, 2021
oh ofc. shes my absolute idol and the person i stan
Sep 25, 2021
How so?
Aug 31, 2021
I'm bored and so decided to make another community list; this time...

What is a record you believe has defined its genre albeit through shaping said genre, or has established said genre in popularity and/or existence, and why?
Aug 23, 2021
hi, oh don't worry, i like your reviews too they are very well made!:)
Aug 16, 2021
ah yes lmfao i am quite ubiquituos here 😅 im like the ghost that chases you around the site, and im sorry i didnt follow you earlier. like your reviews too
Aug 15, 2021
sorry alan forgot to follow you, great takes and good person honestly


I only do reviews...

After analyzing my own critiquing process, I see that I mostly review albums that I might enjoy. So it's logical that most of my pieces are positive, that's why my scoring is simple:

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Short & concise review = More objective opinion

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