FIDLAR - That’s Life
Mar 17, 2023
I haven't listened to FIDLAR since 'Too' came out in 2015, back when I was 16 and filled with teenage boy edgy angst so when I saw that they had released a new album, I decided to give it a listen and wow... a bad choice. Had this album been a debut album from a group of 16-year-old boys I might have forgiven the faux angsty corny lyrics and knock off Blink - 182 guitar riffs but this is an album from a band who have been releasing music for nearly 15 years and whose leading man is 35 years old.

Perhaps if I were to listen to 'Too' now I'd look back and cringe at my younger self but at 16 you're drawn to angst and edge and don't care what form it takes. When you're 24 however you hope that an artist can grow with you and musically evolve and when they don't it can often leave you feeling bitterly disappointed in the wasted potential of a band you once enjoyed.

Between the poorly written lyrics about drugs, booze, and sex this album is at best cringey and at worst paints the band members as emotionally stunted man-children. The band seems to have lost any direction and uniqueness in their sound that made them so great in their earlier albums, the lead singer's monotone cadence ripped straight from a sex pistols record, the guitars from Green Days Dookie, and the drums from any "pop punk drum tutorial".

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