Melanie Martinez - PORTALS
All I can say is that I was painfully bored halfway through the 3rd song
Davido - Timeless
Afrobeat isn't e genre I'm particularly a fan of and I have to admit I haven't listened to much of it at all, other than what charts in UK radio but this was a pleasant surprise. Whilst it's nothing revolutionary, it's a really really solid release that kept me engaged throughout. I know that within its genre this will be a phenomenal and incredibly influential release.
Chlöe - In Pieces
I mean let's just start by stating that using the phrase "pray it away" as the title and main lyric of a song about a fuckboy hurting your feelings whilst using musical themes relating to the church throughout the song is sooooooo tasteless. It's no secret that "pray it away/pray the gay away" is a line synonymous with queer people's discrimination and religious trauma and there's no way she didn't know that. Taste. Less. but anyways let's move on.

Now on to the album ... read more

Gabriels - Angels & Queens – Part I
I was in a record shop in Edinburgh at the start of 2022 when I originally heard Gabriels, the shopkeeper playing Bloodline over the PA and I immediately bought the record and vowed to keep an eye out for future projects which I did. I saved this to my library when it originally came out and never got around to listening to it until now and I'm split into 2 minds on if that's a good thing or not. On one hand, I've deprived myself of an absolutely phenomenal album for 6 months longer than ... read more
Demi Lovato - HOLY FVCK
I never really had much of an interest in listening to this album at all, I've not been a fan of much of the music they've released in recent years so I thought it was a pointless endeavor but I got bored today and decided to give it a listen, out of sheer curiosity more than anything. So I logged onto this website ready to rate this a solid 30-40 and boy, I'll happily eat my words.

This album isn't groundbreaking or revolutionary in any way but it's by far the most honest and vulnerable Demi ... read more

M83 - Fantasy
When standing on its own merit, Anthony Gonzalez has created a really phenomenal record with Fantasy. Few artists currently releasing music have such a way with synths and creating sonic environments, it seems almost effortless how he creates entire records that sound like they hold entire worlds in them.

With Fantasy he hasn't reinvented the wheel, he has retreated into his older sounds that are especially prominent in 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming'. I think that this record is the version of ... read more

6LACK - Since I Have A Lover
First off I want to say that the album cover is spectacular.

This album just feels painfully wasteful. There are plenty of great little moments throughout the album but they're squandered in a tracklist that is double the length it should be and is filled with mediocrity. No song is GREAT from start to finish, there's a great verse here, a phenomenal bridge there & a few good choruses but there isn't a song on the album that from start to finish is great. They're not bad either, just ... read more

Nia Archives - Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall
I have next to no experience with jungle outwith maybe a track that I don't know playing in a club so I was left very surprised with how much I enjoyed this EP. The vocals are laced with that smooth, jazzy, r&b shine and the production is fun, bouncy, and of great quality. Even if you're not a jungle fan, like myself, I'd definitely say it's worth 17 minutes of your day.
Fall Out Boy - So Much (For) Stardust
I think this album was okay, it was a good, well-produced pop-punk album but I feel like I could just copy and paste my review of the new All Time Low album from a couple of weeks ago, not changing anything and it would apply. I think their sound has refused to evolve and move into a modern musical space and it's left them chasing the same sound and the same audience that was around when their first 6 albums came out but that audience and sound doesn't exist anymore and it leaves the album ... read more
Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
One of the great shames of my life was that I, as a queer man, wasn't a fan of Lana Del Rey. I never disliked her, I always thought she was a phenomenal and unique vocalist and certainly one of our generation's great writers but I thought a lot of her music was very same-y and dry, I just didn't /get it/. Wow wow wow, boy, do I get it now though.

This album in one word feels 'cinematic' not in the way that is often thrown around that depicts great drama and false grandeur but really ... read more

Franc Moody - Move Me
I can't get enough of this.

Skin on Skin, Charge Me Up & Dream In Colour were some of my most played songs last year when I first heard of Franc Moody and this is such a change in direction from that with this being more 'housy' but I absolutely love it

Ellie Goulding - By The End Of The Night
So much potential in this song just not fulfilled through poor production choices. The melody and part of the production are so catchy and great but just let down by the overall production
Victoria Monét - Smoke (feat. Lucky Daye)
She just doesn't miss
Ed Sheeran - Eyes Closed
Wow, I mean this is just .....
I used to be a HUGE Ed Sheeran fan when I was younger, he got me into writing music and playing guitar and I even got the Ed Sheeran 'X' Limited Edition guitar for my 16th birthday that I still have hanging on my wall with my other guitars. All that to say, I don't say this as a hater and get no joy from seeing this man's downfall and writing this review.

I really wasn't a fan of '=' but I could recognize what he was /trying/ to do whether I personally enjoyed ... read more

Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation
I've always been totally impartial to Miley Cyrus, she is undoubtedly a great vocalist and talented musician who knows how to write a hit song but can't seem to find a sound that suits her and can't pull together a great album and that's on display here with Endless Summer Vacation. This whole album feels very all over the place, nothing works together. The synthy dated instrumentals completely give the opposite vibes to what the album cover and other album visuals have indicated and set ... read more
Sabrina Carpenter - emails i can’t send fwd
You know what? Fair play. I didn't have many expectations for this album beyond the simple pop I had heard from her back in 2016 and wow has she developed both her sound and her vocals. I think this is a really really solid pop release for an up-and-coming artist, it's melodic, funky, groovy, jazzy, and at points somber all of which you want in a pop album.

I think the tracklist could be doing with some editing, I don't think this album necessarily needs to be 50 minutes and 17 songs, I think ... read more

Yves Tumor - Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)
I really enjoyed this album although I don't think that they have quite managed to live up to the reputation that Heaven To A Tortured Mind has garnered them. I had expected Tumor to really sonically amplify the themes they laid out previously taking this album to the next level and while I do believe they've done that on certain songs particularly towards the latter stages of the album, I feel that a lot of tracks at the beginning just fall slightly flat. I had expected to be immediately ... read more
Lewis Capaldi - How I'm Feeling Now
This is one of the worst songs Capaldi has dropped so far. I am 50/50 with Lewis Capaldi, what he does, isn't my thing at all but I can recognize that he does it relatively well and he is an incredible vocalist. This single however is just ... not good, the lyrics are so shallow and on the nose and the production is literally 1 single guitar with a main vocal line and 1 harmony in the chorus. There is only so much you can do with the "singer/songwriter" sound I understand that but ... read more
Black Honey - A Fistful Of Peaches
This album is good, inoffensive indie rock music and that's not a bad thing. There's nothing that completely stands out about it, it has some nice guitar riffs and fun melodies but I do struggle to discern between a creative sound choice and poor engineering at points. The guitars can seem thin, hollow, and wollowy, & the vocals can seem over-distorted but also completely overwhelmed and hidden by the instrumental & the drums can be flat at points. This could be a creative choice that I ... read more
Lil Pump - Lil Pump 2
Whilst i have to concede I don't listen to rap much in general & certainly not trap but this is just an insult to the genre... I mean I can't even take it seriously enough to write any actual thoughts on the music. I mean the whole album just sounds like an SNL parody of the 2017 trap scene... embarrassing doesn't cut it
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On Remi's Reviews's review of My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
"Man, this one hurts but I do understand it. I feel like this is an album of its time. If you weren't part of this music scene growing up then you probably won't ever fully be able to appreciate this album. The lyrics absolutely are corny and angsty in the "paint your nails and cry" kind of way because that's exactly what the scene and culture was at the time, it was angst and melodrama and theatrical sadness to the extreme and this is an album that fully encapsulates that. I think a lot of emo music is the same in that if it wasn't part of your developmental years and you didn't grow up listening to it then it will always come across as corny and over the top because more so than other genres, the music is FULLY a reflection of the culture that surrounds it rather than existing just as music if you know what I mean? and if you weren't a part of that culture then it won't ever fully make sense. Love your reviews, man!"

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