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Allofasudden -
Picture Damo Suzuki from Can, Tom Waits, Yoko Ono, Jean-Hervé Peron from Faust became friends, spent a wild night with nothing but drunkenness, debauchery, ribaldry, and the most invigorating stimulants they can find in this world, then immediately decided to make an alternate Asian-version of Trout Mask Replica after waking up on the greasy floor, naming themselves as the "Butthole surfers worship club" and ending up randomly strumming drums & guitars to the rhythm of ... read more

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Allofasudden -
Great albums-2021 edition #2
[Genre: Experimental Hip-hop, Art pop]

The brightness of the purple neon lights coming out from huge screens displayed upon countless buildings, lighting up the city of Shibuya… The noise of the trains running through urban railway stations… The smell of people… middle-aged men addicted to alcohol, women who don't give a shit about how much perfume they use, teenagers on tik-tok disease… Game centers, shopping malls, live ... read more
Allofasudden -
Great albums-2021 edition #1
[Genre: Death Industrial, Noise]

Seeing the experimental duo going full-noise, pumping up their adrenaline, and nearly torturing my eardrums was quite a memorable experience that happened this year. In fact, I was basking in the magnificent afterglow of listening to fucking Leonard Cohen & Elliott Smith (like I usually do lol) right before getting into this, so the extreme contrast might affected my listen. But anyways I want to admire how they tastefully ... read more
Allofasudden -
[ Boris With Merzbow-Rock Dream / Essentials #3]

Quiet! Want to hear Takeshi Ohtani losing his shit & destructively screaming his brains out on an abandoned stage for over an hour? Want a more disturbing combination than that "over and over" song by Nelly & Tim McGraw, or quarantine & depression?! This album might be perfect, the collapsing dissonance between Boris×Merzbow is like a surging apocalypse, a musical rear-end collusion, a dynamic, traumatizing soundwave ... read more
Allofasudden -
We're under a luminous surface of the deep cerulean sea, the prefecture of Okinawa, the islands of Amami which immediately comes to mind, where the ancient Japanese marine gods are enshrined, where the ocean plants slowly weaves, and the creatures circulate their own lives. You're fascinated by the supernatural beauty that only nature can create, the spectacular view of the spacious blue seafloor gives you utter comfort, and it tells you to stay. Just floating, falling asleep with the lovely ... read more
Allofasudden -
[Kaho Nakamura-AINOU /AIlofasudden Essentials #2]

"I'm not interested in genres or generations or anything, I'm interested in people who can resonate with music"

Started off with an amazing quote by her, but If there's an artist who's suitable for being the new generation's Akiko Yano, Kaho Nakamura is the perfect example. This can be said in this astonishing album alone, but what makes her an outstanding musician can be seen through her live performances. Usually live performances ... read more


Apr 20, 2021
Not one of my personal favourites but they do have a nice dreamy, subtly psychedelic atmosphere. You might like Galaxie 500 - On Fire, and Deerhunter - Halycon Digest if you haven't heard them already, not shoegaze albums but have a similar sort of vibe.
Apr 19, 2021
didnt you have the beter profile picture earlier LMAO
Apr 19, 2021
thanks for the follow
Apr 15, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (list)
Apr 15, 2021
where'd you go
Apr 12, 2021
click on profile pic in top banner -> ‘Add Album’ it’s a really stupid spot tbf lol
Apr 11, 2021
nah nothing bro just wanted to show some LOVE
Apr 10, 2021
thank u for existing homie
Apr 6, 2021
I have made a major change in the way I rank the albums to make it easier to distinguish the top albums. As a result, albums that scored less than 60 points in the previous ranking system (from January to March) will now be given a score of 0 or 10. Kazemachi Roman is not a bad album, but it didn't resonate that much for me, so I gave it a score of 0.
Mar 26, 2021
Thanks for following! Excellent reviews!


⚫︎As a kid, I always thought foreign culture, disregarding the great things in my country was the coolest thing ever, but since joining this community full of knowledgeable enthusiasts, I reconfirmed that the Japanese people have the ultimate benevolence, intelligence, and prudence towards artistry. So from now on, I'll most likely be reviewing Japanese-related albums. I'm still on my journey of discovery, but I'm glad if my reviews expand your interest, or introduce you to unknown places🌸

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