Boris & Merzbow - Rock Dream
Jan 22, 2021
[ Boris With Merzbow-Rock Dream / Essentials #3]

Quiet! Want to hear Takeshi Ohtani losing his shit & destructively screaming his brains out on an abandoned stage for over an hour? Want a more disturbing combination than that "over and over" song by Nelly & Tim McGraw, or quarantine & depression?! This album might be perfect, the collapsing dissonance between Boris×Merzbow is like a surging apocalypse, a musical rear-end collusion, a dynamic, traumatizing soundwave roughly created by these two crazy phlebotomists with bloodstains on their clothes… The harsh reverberations & echoing riffs will literally cut your heart, then entirely remove it out from your body, careful! these soundscapes might end up showing up in your nightmares, a really terrorizing music experience……… Wait no, more like a dreadful scenery of a schizophrenic medical operation with tons of sharp surgical instruments slowly floating everywhere… (spooky! should've done this review around Halloween, what the fuck am I writing for my first review of the new year) But hey my fellow readers, I'm not just saying their music is merely spine-chilling & grim, as you know it's fucking Boris. Of course it's bloody enjoyable at the same time! Disturbing yet attractive, bombastic & glitchy genres like these never sounded this beautiful, it violently collides but melts exquisitely and causes an incredible fusion like overpowering darkness-… Like, who the fuck allowed them to make a full album together? And what do we expect by just seeing these great names? Again, careful, because this will seriously fuck up your expectations with such daunting, dazzling eeriness.

Now let's roughly go back to talk about the musical sides, because of how great their material is, it's safe to say that Flood was a haunting post rock masterpiece, and Pink was a world-class metal classic. So what exactly is Rock Dream? An overturning point of numerous musical definitions? A completely new entrance of metal×noise? Or literally, what Japanese rock music itself was dreaming to become? Um… yeah, personally it applies to all of them. Think I'm exaggerating just because I love this band to death huh? No, because it's actually rare to see two genres that are already individually conspicuous (metal×harsh noise) coherently fusing together, and never interrupt each other's recognizable features. Also being this fearless to maximize textures extensive & ultraviolent as possible was, believe it or not, a really electrifying act that the Japanese rock scene was thirsty for, Boris established their own formula in stoner / drone metal and made inaccessible genres heavily re-listenable back when "Pink" was released, and again this time with Mr. Pulse Demon, they added more distorted explosion, which is supposed to sound like a rumpled mess, but turns out to be one of the finest sounding rock live albums of all time. Long live Boris heavy rocks!

Fav track(s): Feedbacker, Black out, 虹が始まるとき, スクリーンの女, Ibitsu, Just abandoned myself, 決別
Jan 22, 2021
Ayy welcome back to reviewing man, great review too!
Jan 22, 2021
@Chode yessirrr, these kinds of comments really inspires me to write, thanks man!
Jan 24, 2021
amazing review buddy, welcome back! (:
Jan 24, 2021
@Rater Thanks man! Glad you liked this!
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