Ariana Grande - Positions
Oct 30, 2020 (updated Dec 3, 2020)
Hahaha giving this score because she literally talks about it & I actually thought this rating was quite accurate, I mean sex is cool but didn’t see the word “means I wanna 69 with you" coming from fucking Ariana Grande’s mouth haha, oh yeah & note to the mainstream hating virgins whos giving this like a 0, this isn't that bad so at least give her like a 50 I don't know.

Anyways, even if there's a fact that she is one of the biggest artists in the world, you have to admit that she made a significantly memorable improvement in the sweetener album, pushing her music-style from overall generic to something special & adultish. Well indeed, releasing mass appealing-music to maintain a successful music career is definitely something offered to a worldwide top-selling artist, but for me it’s actually more interesting & appealing to see how the artist can reinvent themselves for a particular expression in their music, not worrying about the streams/sale numbers or the reputation it gets, like Taylor Swift did in her recent album Folklore. Ariana is one of those who experienced extremely rough times, and seeing her positive behavior after the Manchester Arena Terror attack incident, the heartbreaking death of Mac Miller made me respect her not only as an artist, but also as a woman with independence. Furthermore, the two of those personal episodes were both spoken quite well on her previous albums, sweetener & thank u next also had some great progressive R&B production I really loved, thought she established her position as those who evolves through their discographies like Tyler or Beyoncé, but the result I got here... wasn't actually what I wanted. I'm not saying she hasn’t got mature, I’m saying this was unnecessary in the moment. Why would you release unclear material when you got nothing to say but 34+35?? (I thought that term was like, uncool honestly)

Although I can’t deny there were some musically enjoyable tracks here, the whistle-high note voice is definitely nothing but talent, with her silvery layered voice it makes the instrumentals sound several times better & romantic, but that's just Ariana in general. (like I said the production in thank u next was leagues better) This was just a mixture of acceptable catchy songs with nothing special or deep to dive in I guess. And like I said I'm the one who was interested in her narratives, how her lyrics were going to be & of course the soundings, but this was pretty decent so I'm just going to let this be. It's still re-listenable tho

Fav track: pov

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Great review, completely agree on most of the points that you mentioned! :)
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