Dec 3, 2019
Man this is sth else, lyrics-wise this is heart-wrenching and both parts of the song are equally pleasant to listen to and sonically focused. The only complaint here is the transition, which in my opinion could be worked out in a smoother way.
Dec 1, 2019
This shit really goes the same way it makes my dick go
Dec 1, 2019
Sorry to say this but I Don't Like shit > Some Rap Songs.
Do yourself a favor and revisit this( start with DNA or Faucet)
Aug 1, 2019
if you're above a certain age, you definitely remember the 2009-2012 era when the dubstep fever was really a thing,mostly pushed by skrillex's music.
Though by no means this is comparable to the dubstep craze,reading all the user reviews here I can't help but reminisce myself banging my head against the wall with those sounds.
And just like that,I feel the same for this.Throw all the crazy sounds you can into every particular song and expect some type of magic as outcome...The difference is at ... read more
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