The museum of the worst album artworks...

the title should explain itself. although not all of the stuff below will be albums. i’ll include singles too.

6ix9ine - DUMMY BOY
Pissing a rainbow on a checkerboard floor might be one of the most cursed album covers ever.
Taylor Swift - Mean
Costumes look tacky
Bladee - Working on Dying
I just kinda find it a bit messy. Underwhelming compared to Icedancer.
Tom MacDonald - Straight White Male
This man really stretched the background out to fit his head into the frame.
4PAC - GTA 7
Sernando gives me PTSD.
Unkle Adams - Humble Beginnings
What's he gonna use the shovel for? I don't understand.

“But Thomas, why isn't Pulse or Planting Seeds in here?” At least their cover arts are detailed enough to not make the list, but the Humble Beginnings cover is directionless.
Tom MacDonald - Famous
Y’all didn’t layer the tattoos properly, cringe!
Ricegum - Frick Da Police
Really just squeezed a 16:9 thumbnail into a square cover
Lil Pump - FIJI
Graphic design is my passion
Amazing Blizzard - Circles 2.0
AZIZ is right. Most of my old album covers were ass.
Schäffer The Darklord - Mark of the beast
I don't need to provide an explanation.
Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues
Looks like if a stan account made the artwork.
Creed - Weathered
Isn’t all of Creed’s album art trash?
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
Wish there was more time invested in this, but they fucking rushed the artist into giving them the actual 3D prototype instead
Lil Karat Stixx - 24KARAT
too much saturation
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@xanderjones I don't think it's that bad lol
You should put Radiohead's The King of Limbs
I like the sewerslvt one. A bit busy, but it's sharp cuts adds a balance

The other ones tho, Jesus Christ
I kinda like that Creed album cover lol
I Agree With Most Of The List Albums Like S****icm And Plastic Surgery Slumber Party Are Masterpieces. Not Sure About The Album Covers But I Agree That Submarine Man, 6ix9ine Etc. Should Be And Stay On Here.
@edsheeran very original, how will I ever recover from this?
Make sure to put your face in there sir. It deserves. We didn't forget you had it as your avi
no sexorcism is a serve
The Trip at Knight cover is too messy for me, just please respect my opinion
Trip at knight cover is good what you on
Trip At Knight cover is great
"too much saturation"

Yeah I don't really know why me from 8 months ago didn't take that back to the drawing board
Look mom, I made it!

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