Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen
Oct 4, 2019
I've had a shitty week, most of my weeks are shitty. I'm utterly exhausted from it. I feel like most things that could've gone wrong went horribly worse than I thought could be possible. I feel completely drained, but if you'd ask, I'd simply state that I'm tired.

Then I listened to this. I was hoping that the headache I've had all week didn't come back so that I could listen to it all in one sitting.

Tears were rolling down my face throughout most of my listening but then again a lot was going through my mind. It's remarkably plain, but then again incredibly rich, but mostly undeniably honest. Honest to the point of breaking me. Oddly, when I listen to music, I apparently want to be broken, because if I am, it means that I feel, that I'm living, not merely surviving. Actually living.

This record hit me like a ton of bricks.
This record shattered my very fragile sense of stability.
This record made me believe I was still alive.

I've rarely listened to an album as raw as this one. I've rarely connected to an album as I did with this one. I've rarely felt the emotions the artist was conveying as much as when listening to this.

Each song sounds unequivocally the same at first glance, but at the same time so different. I'm not sure how I should be processing it, but what I do know is that this record has to be my AOTY. I'm astonishingly shook. This record comes exactly at the right time for me. I didn't know how much I needed it. But here it is. And here I am appreciating it with all of my being. Appreciating it because it's something that we too often don't take the time to do. And in that moment, I know it's enough. In that moment, I know I'm enough, and that's all I need to know.
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