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Oct 24

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Oct 12, 2019*
Gather around the burning piano kids, it's time for a good fright!

Spooky season is hitting it's peak and naturally we are getting the best albums of the year at these times. clipping. created what i can only call an airtight horror festival; a chaotic set of stories that build up on each other with the same narrative of expanding noise. The feeling of being introduced with Nothing is Safe into this album is such a magnificent experience. The lyrics and production blend masterfully into the ... read more
Sep 13, 2019*
At what point does it stop being experimental music and just starts becoming a bunch of noises slapped together? because i do agree that this is a shitpost.

I'm not even unironically disappointed, I kind of expected not liking this considering how so many people adored Veteran and this being kind of a continuation and exaggeration of the thought process that went into that album. It's hard to really narrow down my thoughts on such a mess of an allbum, which is one of my core problems with it ... read more
Sep 11, 2019
Joanna Newsom and Zach Hill join forces into what would be an early career opus for both of them.
Aug 26, 2019
hi, i'm fuck.

Is there a feeling better than returning to an album you haven't checked in a long while and realizing it's so much better than you originally percieved it to be? This is a testament to truly great albums; ones that you can peel over more layers of sound and emotions the more you explore them, and those that just keep getting improving themselves with every listen that you give them. This is definitely one of those albums.

It's so amazingly interesting to see how swans use this ... read more
Aug 23, 2019
Fav Tracks: Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters.

The first third of this album is a bit noisy and newer but very very traditional take on Psych, then we get to Green Typewriters. That stretch of tracks completely pulls that comfortable beatles-esque rug under your feet and has you thrown into a droney ambient trip that improves this album in ... read more
Nov 3, 2019
Supp! I'm doing a challenge at the moment, the "out of my comfort-zone challenge". This is a challenge where I need to listen projects, I normally wouldn't listen too. After some listen I need to state my opinions in a review. If you would suggest an album to me, it would be great! As long as they aren't metal, hip hop or rap! (experimental/abstract hip hop, weird rap is allowed though)
Oct 29, 2019
just hanging on twitter bro
Oct 29, 2019
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Oct 25, 2019
have sex, virgin
Oct 22, 2019
What is the first album you distinctly remember falling in love with? It's for a list.
Oct 20, 2019
Sep 27, 2019
I'm not a kid ok!
Aug 20, 2019
Your rating of Wild is the Wind is offensive.
i listen to albums people say are good, and then say they are also good. unless...they aren't

90s-100s: good shit
70s-80s: good
50s-60s: not shit
30s-40s: not good
0s-20s: shit
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