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Jan 20, 2019
Holy shit is this album gorgeous, every tone here is absolute perfection and that bliss that this album throws me in right from the start is among one of the most satisfying feelings i'e ever had with music. This isn't just a Dream Pop album, it's THE Dream Pop album. The vocals are extremely fitting in this album, moreso than any other Beach House release that i've listened to.
As much as i love those perfect tones and the vocals, what really makes this album amazing is the deepness it finds ... read more
Jan 18, 2019
In a day with so many big releases, it's almost easy to forget Sharon Van Etten even released an album today, that is until you listen to this beautiful thing. This album is one of, if not the best pop albums of the decade, and a strong early AOTY contender. I love pretty much everything about this album, and i'm extremely happy that this is one of the albums we open this year with. I'll tell you right now, this is a high bar she set for albums for the rest of the year, and i can say that this ... read more
Jan 18, 2019*
i have only listened to Halcyon Digest from Deerhunter before listening to this album and honestly... I like this one more. I love the contrast between the bleak lyrics about society being destroyed alongside the lush and colorful production. This is one of the better Indie Rock releases of the decade.
Jan 18, 2019
As an artist who's been very acclaimed in the past decade, James Blake dodges a lot of critique that he deserves to get on this LP. Don't get me wrong, this album is good, and it has flashes of brilliance (i.e. the Andre 3000 feature or Into the Red) but a lot of it feels... lack of a better word...unpolished? if it's the Travis Scott feature which was slopilly applied, or different parts of different tracks spread around this album which I personally feel if he took the time to perfect the ... read more
Jan 18, 2019
cuphead soundtrack on crack.
Jan 20, 2019
AAWWOOONNN miss ya boi ❤
Jan 17, 2019
Oh my God
Oh my God
You actually like Silver Jews
Holy shit
Jan 16, 2019
thanksters recc god
I've been meaning to listen to a lot of these
Jan 16, 2019
Thank youu aaron
Jan 7, 2019
I am proud of you Aaron.Good job giving it a 8.7
Jan 1, 2019
Happy new year yeet
Nov 30, 2018
Hi so Lexi thinks you'll like this album called Big Calm by Morcheeba and told me to tell you so yeah that's all :)
Nov 26, 2018
it's okayyy, you've obviously got your priorities in order and a lot on your plate. Good luck wiht, uh, living and stuff and!!!
Nov 26, 2018
What syd said except grandson/ brother/ unborn father 😤
i listen to albums people say are good, and then say they are also good. unless...they aren't
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