Jan 10, 2020
Poppy's genre bending abilities are on full display in what i hope to be the album that spearheads the beginning of this decade. Seemless transitions and blending between the two extremes of the music spectrum and adding in sprinkles some of what's in the middle.

It's been quite a while since an album has legitimately surprised me with it's choices and it's way of flow. I haven't heard anything like this in my experience and I'm delighted to find something of this degree of quality and ... read more
Oct 12, 2019*
Gather around the burning piano kids, it's time for a good fright!

Spooky season is hitting it's peak and naturally we are getting the best albums of the year at these times. clipping. created what i can only call an airtight horror festival; a chaotic set of stories that build up on each other with the same narrative of expanding noise. The feeling of being introduced with Nothing is Safe into this album is such a magnificent experience. The lyrics and production blend masterfully into the ... read more
Sep 13, 2019*
At what point does it stop being experimental music and just starts becoming a bunch of noises slapped together? because i do agree that this is a shitpost.

I'm not even unironically disappointed, I kind of expected not liking this considering how so many people adored Veteran and this being kind of a continuation and exaggeration of the thought process that went into that album. It's hard to really narrow down my thoughts on such a mess of an allbum, which is one of my core problems with it ... read more
Sep 11, 2019
Joanna Newsom and Zach Hill join forces into what would be an early career opus for both of them.
Aug 26, 2019
hi, i'm fuck.

Is there a feeling better than returning to an album you haven't checked in a long while and realizing it's so much better than you originally percieved it to be? This is a testament to truly great albums; ones that you can peel over more layers of sound and emotions the more you explore them, and those that just keep getting improving themselves with every listen that you give them. This is definitely one of those albums.

It's so amazingly interesting to see how swans use this ... read more
Aug 23, 2019
Fav Tracks: Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters, Green Typewriters.

The first third of this album is a bit noisy and newer but very very traditional take on Psych, then we get to Green Typewriters. That stretch of tracks completely pulls that comfortable beatles-esque rug under your feet and has you thrown into a droney ambient trip that improves this album in ... read more
Aug 17, 2019
They call it animation music because it's so damn full of life!

Onwards with albums I didn't think i'd like as much as i do, we have a psychedelic record on our mix now. I have no idea where to begin with this as this album has put my brain in shambles, in a good way obviously. What i love most about this thing is how it uses the most redundant and annoying musical cliches that are present in the psychedelic scene and just tip them over on it's head. Random instruments, electronic and ... read more
Aug 15, 2019*
St. Vincent's production saves a lot of this record but i'm afraid it's numerous flaws prove too much even for that silver lining.

This is such a mixed bag, on one hand there are a few specks of genuinely great music being put on this record but on the other hand it's such a shallow mess conceptually and at times musically. For ecample on Ruins, the track that seems to be an attempt for the core of this album, the production seems to be very good at the beginning that is until the first chorus ... read more
Aug 13, 2019
Perfect From Now On uses more complex structures than Keep it Like a Secret, more lush instruments, and it implements some post-rock into its indie rock. By all means on paper, Perfect From Now On should be the superior for me in terms of what I know that i like. So the question that I'm asking is, how the heck do i like Keep it Like a Secret so much more than Perfect From Now on?

It comes down to a few things I think. Firstly, the guitar tones on Keep it Like a Secret are gorgeous, few albums ... read more
Aug 12, 2019
King Gizzard's is dive into thrash is one of the most interesting turn of events i've seen so far this year, i was pleased to witness them maintain this new sound in a respectful way even if a lot of the end product is not very memorable.

dream pop album up next guys?
Jul 12, 2019
I was starting to Believe that 2019 was a disappointing year after a pretty weak start to the summer, but turns out all i needed was David Berman to come back from retirement!

The bitterness that oozes out of this album is something else. Usually that would be a terrible thing, an album that's based on bitter and spite and not caring sounds awfully unappealing. But as i was listening to this project i started to understand why Berman HAD to make this album. I feel like this album is pure ... read more
Jun 14, 2019
You know how you never thought you'd like reggae but then rooow fishermaan rooooow?

So yea that was a nice experience, you gotta love the feeling of appreciating a whole new genre for you. I love the way you can see how this type of music funneled later into 80s hip hop, i love how it's much more sophisticated than reggae initially seems from the mainstream choices, much more fleshed out and luscious. I'm really excited to try out more albums from the genre now.
May 24, 2019
If not for a weak back half Flying Lotus Delivers one of the most adventurous and colorful soundscapes of 2019.

Goddamn the first half of this is probably the best work I've heard from Flylo so far (I mean I only listened to Cosmogramma but shush), Black Balloons Reprise is quite possibly my single of the year so far and the Anderson .Paak feature fits so much better in the context of the album. However, I feel like the last 20 minutes or so are way too dragged out, repeating themes that have ... read more
May 17, 2019
Injury Reserve are a better boyband than Brockhampton

"What makes you Experimental?"
-"We added a violin to a rap song"
-"Say no more"
Apr 25, 2019
someone actually made an ambient hip hop album lmaooo.

I always wondered what it could sound like, now i know. The potential is just oozing out of this album, i'll definitely keep an eye of it. When (if) this idea becomes fully formed i believe it can become the future of underground hip hop, this album might become as important to the genre of Hip-Hop as Flockaveli is, it also might be washed away by the winds of time... I hope the former happens, i am extremely intrigued of what could come ... read more
Apr 19, 2019
I was promised 12 bursts in my chimerical bombination, i got 11 and the feeling of my heart ripped out from anticipation and stress for the last bang, only to find out they went small and personal, in the best fucking way possible.

Never thought of myself for one to crown a Hardcore Punk album pure genius, but this just might be it.
Apr 12, 2019
Baby, that ass is just unfair
Jack Black hair, baby, Jack Black hair
Mar 22, 2019*
*listens to first half*: oh ok so this is what they were talking about

You gotta appreciate the innovation of this album... If this was released today it would still be ahead of it's time. I love how energetic and fun this album is at first only to slowly turn into this beautiful ambient Ballad towards the end, Warszawa is an impeccable artistic statement that shaped the rest of this album and pretty much the rest of his ... read more
Mar 21, 2019*
Holy wow this is gorgeous.

Yea no, this is worth the hype and then some. An album so lush and sweet with it's instrumentals, yet heartbreaking at the same time with it's lyrics. Every tone on this album is just perfect for the mood she's trying to set for each and every track, the progressions are some of the best i've ever heard in pop and her build ups and breakdowns are something to behold as Weyes Blood delivers her opus. This album is shockingly consistent, there is not one track that i ... read more
Mar 20, 2019*
I have no fucking idea what he said, but I agree.

An extremely fun, quirky and weird album that shows the fun side of Experimental Hip Hop. Added with some freaky free jazz saxophone lines and intelligent electronic production, this album despite it's language barrier succeeds to develop some really enjoyable stuff and I heavily recommend what's on here.
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