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Make Do and Mend - Bodies of Water
Make Do And Mend is a band that I listened to casually growing up. I wouldn't be able to name you any of their albums, but I know them from listening to related bands like Title Fight, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far... you get it. If you listened to these kind of bands, there's a good chance you at least know who Make Do And Mend are. Emma, the vocalist of Dying Wish, recently tweeted something random and funny about Make Do And Mend, something like the world wasn't ready for them. After ... read more

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Fight Fair - Settle the Score
An actual hidden gem from a golden era long forgotten. Easycore was so awesome back in the day. Pop-punk with breakdowns was all I needed to get me through my high school years. Fight Fair's Settle the Score is an album that will never get old to me. It's now 15 years old, but these songs are permanently burned into my brain. This album wins points for its nostalgia, sure, but it's just timeless and actually good, for no reason.

This album has a healthy balance of mosh parts and extremely ... read more

Me Vs Hero - This One's For Our Friend
I used to really love easycore back in the day, and this release was one of my obsessions. It's pop-punk with breakdowns. High school me could not get enough of this stuff, man. It's got the catchiness of your typical New Found Glory song, but it's got the edge that metalcore has, making it easy to mosh to. This One's For Our Friend is just a repeat of songs they had on an earlier EP, plus an acoustic demo for a song they would release later, but it's a fun adventure to see what music was like ... read more
Full Of Hell / Nothing - When No Birds Sang
I like Nothing. I like Full of Hell. I like this release, but only kind of. It's fine when it's on, but I'll probably never think to put this album on in my life, unless I owned it, because it's album cover really calls to be listened to. The music is sweet, serene, enjoyable... but totally unmemorable. When No Birds Sang is not a bad album, but feels a little contrived.

The tracks are not bad at all, but can you really play any of these songs back in your head at any given moment? I know ... read more

PinkPantheress - Pain
This is a Pokémon beat if I ever heard one. The sample sounds so familiar, but we'll just focus on how good this song is. It's decent. It's a little unseasoned and lacking in flavor, but it's not terrible. I will definitely check out more PinkPantheress.
The Deep - Messy Room
Very smooth and attractive k-pop that proves k-pop in general is hyper-willing to change with the times before everyone else is. I feel like PinkPantheress blowing up is making more music start to go down a more drum n bass or R&B path. The Deep's Messy Room EP is a nice little listen.

It's really sleepy and sexy. It's pink and powerful, despite being soft and serene. My favorite tune is probably bow wow. The vocals are very sleek and nice, but the bass is very hypnotic, and the song ... read more


heyyy anal vape! i just released a new song and it's kind of a change of style for me, I'd really really appreciate if you give It a listen and tell me what you think :) bye
Sup Ooze, I just dropped a new axolotl album, would appreciate if you checked it out, if not that's fine too!
Thanks for following!
good news mia goth!!! my album has came out early and you can listen to it now!!!!! rate It here in AOTY so I know what you think (yes, it includes Shadow in the mist and Eclipse)
It seems like there have been a lot less big hardcore releases in the second half of the year, do I live under a rock, or has it really slowed down?
hey!!! if you enjoyed shadow in the mist, i have just released a new single, you can rate It here so I know what you think, thanks!!
Hey followers. Tell me, what is your favorite song of all time? Only 1!!! I know it’s difficult, but try. I’ll make a playlist, listen to all of them, and rank them. Just write YOUR song in my shout box, thanks
Hey Ooze! I hate promoting things but this occasion is really special! I recently hit 500 legends following me! So, to celebrate that milestone I decided to put together my first community list from all of those who supported me along the way!

I wasn't sure what to do as pretty much everything has already been done, so I decided on this:

Imagine you're in an apocalypse, the whole world has gone to peril and you can only play one special song before everything perishes, what song are you picking and why? It doesn't need to be just one song, it can be a variety of songs if you can't choose just one.

I’ll compile everyone’s results over the next few days and I’ll let you know once the list is ready!

Thank you for your time! if you don't want to participate then ignore this message :)


I like video games and music, and sometimes movies.

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