Daughters - Hell Songs
Oct 31, 2018
Hell Songs displays Daughters further experimenting with their dynamic, seeking new territory, occasionally tripping on their own shoelaces, and not entirely sure of where they're going, but it definitely brings us to new soul-violating areas of math/grindcore that bear sights worth beholding.

Mathcore at its most dizzying, Hell Songs is full of chaotic, loose, noodling guitars that feel like plunging face first into a patch of cacti. If you are not ready for the most inaccessible and palette ruining music your ears have heard, step away from this album. You will need a little bit of patience to feel what's going on here. If you're a fan of classic matchore and metalcore acts such as Converge, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and even The Fall of Troy, this release might make sense to you, otherwise, this album is definitely a very rough pill to swallow.

Moments like "LOVE IS A DISGUSTING THING" on Hyperventilationsystem repeated over and over again really
push the listeners patience to the edge, and the chaotic drums with the ear piercing schizophrenic guitars really don't allow for time or space to think about anything positive, let alone anything at all.

The intro is an aesthetically disturbing track that does its job to ease the listener into whats about to come, but a new listener could never be prepared enough to grasp what's going on here. I think the moment that the mission statement of the album shines the brightest is at the beginning of Cheers, Pricks, which smoothly blends chaotic spasms with noticeable rhythm (at least, in contrast to a good majority of the rest of this album) with the mysterious and almost angry, but mostly neurotic noisy-to-ambient bits.

Really, the worst thing I can personally say about this album is that at points the chaotic and nauseating aesthetic it provides can be a bit overwhelming, as the band doesn't opt for any interlude sections or relatively melodic breaks to bring us back down to earth, but I guess we shouldn't expect that out of such a neurotic and sleep deprived album.

I really love the distortion blow-out at the end of Hyperventilationsystem. It's fucking post-production magic, and Cheers, Pricks really captures a shining moment in the repetitious aspect of this album

Hell Songs will really challenge you, and leave you wondering if you're really experiencing what you think you are, but if you have the patience to dissect a very mentally unstable and intimidating album, you will find speckles of gold underneath that outside layer of crusty shit.

best: Daughters Spelled Wrong | Fiery | Recorded in a Pyramid | Providence by Gaslight | Cheers, Pricks | The Fuck Whisperer

worst: Feisty Snakewoman
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