Porter Robinson - Worlds
Apr 20, 2021
Uhhhhhh how do I put this lightly?

Not trying to piss in anyone's cereal, I'm glad so many people enjoy this album, but personally, Worlds just doesn't resonate with me as much as I thought it would. This isn't me doing a copypasta comparing this to M83 or Daft Punk or just me being pretentious and snotty, these are simply my genuine feelings that are coming from someone who spent most of his preteens listening to purely dubstep and EDM on the UKF Dubstep youtube channel and Pandora radio stations that are in a sense what drove Porter to make this album in the first place as a response to how formulaic that music was.

I think it purely comes down to timing and also me not being that much of a weeb, as I'd listened to and enjoyed a lot of artists that are adjacent to Porter like Dillon Francis, Flux Pavillion, Zomboy, NERO, & Knife Party, but I don't recall hearing of or listening to Porter Robinson, and for the former parties mentioned I never felt too invested in their music to care that much for when their time in the spotlight passed and everyone I knew just moved on from that brand of EDM.

My eventual distaste in the genre as a whole came to a head when around six months before Worlds released, The Chainsmokers dropped their first big single #SELFIE, and ofc that made the charts over almost everything else I'd listened to in the genre beforehand. It might seem dumb to place all of my anger on one garbage song from that period, and it is, I'm not doing that, it just felt like a canary in a coal mine moment where it seemed like the genre was about to collapse in on itself, so I jumped the boat early as one would and moved on to whatever surface-level genres and artists 13 y/o me could find (in this case it was Coldplay and Eminem, which eventually branched out to J. Cole and Muse, but that's a whole different story since almost all of these artists would also put out "bad" albums in the years following).

I could never really say I hate the genre of EDM or this album by inclusion. It just felt like I grew apart from it early enough to have never been acquainted with Porter's early work up until this point. I only really decided to listen to and review this since Porter's next album comes out this week. As it stands, what I've heard so far from Nurture is a far more honest, mature, and innovative approach that doesn't feel as deeply rooted in the fabric of EDM as Worlds is but not precisely a betrayal of his roots.

Ultimately I think what Porter tried to do with Worlds by attempting to rewrite the fabric of EDM with an indie-pop twist was very admirable, but the end product feels average at best and tedious and somewhat annoying at worst, as it leans too hard into creating moments of nostalgia that aren't that memorable and feel hollow to me.

Favorite tracks: Polygon Dust, Sad Machine, Years of War
Least Favorites: Lionhearted, Divinity, Fellow Feeling, Flicker, Sea of Voices, Fresh Static Snow
Apr 20, 2021
*cries head off*
Apr 20, 2021
Apr 20, 2021
Apr 20, 2021
*peas* *dyes* *bleds*
Apr 21, 2021
I disagree but fair
Apr 21, 2021
"Least Favs: Divintity, Fellow Feeling , Sea of voices"

Im dying.
Apr 25, 2021
i strongly disagree but fair opinion. however, you putting sea of voices in your least favorite tracks kind of makes my knuckles itch
Apr 26, 2021
i agree with chris lol
i really like your review regardless, however i do have to question where your head was at when you put divinity and sea of voices in your least favorite tracks
Apr 29, 2021
@jimmylikesmusic Divinity feels like something I've heard a million times before and has no right being 6 minutes long for something so generic, and for Sea of Voices the first 3 minutes are pretty dull (I'll admit the last 2 minutes are good but the build-up for it is so tepid I want to skip whenever it comes up)
Apr 29, 2021
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