Discography Dive #3: Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin - Syro
While it may feel a bit forgettable at times, Syro is still a very solid IDM album. The album starts off very strong with its first few tracks, like minipops 67. However, it does lose some steam over the course of its runtime, and by the time the closing closing track, aisatsana (one of Aphex Twin's worst songs) is over, much of the tracklist is forgotten.

Favorite Song: minipops 67
Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do
... I Care Because You Do is a masterpiece of electronic music. What makes this album really memorable is its perfect mysteriousness, and cryptic vibe. Oh, and that title and cover match the album perfectly. Definitely check this album out if you like electronic music or want to get into it. Everything from classical to industrial can be found on here.

Favorite Song: Alberto Balsalm
Aphex Twin - drukQs
drukQs could've had the chance to be one of Aphex Twin's best albums if it wasn't for all the filler. While there are a few good songs on here, there aren't nearly enough to match the giant runtime of this album. And how many two minute piano pieces can you make before they all start to sound alike?

Favorite Song: Vordhosbn
Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album
In my opinion, Richard D. James Album suffers from two main issues. First, it's too short, especially for Aphex Twin. A longer album with more fast paced IDM songs like 4 would make for a much more satisfying album. And second, is Logan Rock Witch. What the hell was he even thinking? Literally just listen to the first 5 seconds and you'll know exactly what I mean when I say it might be the worst Aphex Twin song. On a more positive note, there are some really exciting and memorable songs on here like the affirmentioned 4, and Carn Marth, both of which are some of my favorite Aphex Twin songs.

Favorite Song: 4
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Volume II is substantially different than predecessor. The peaceful, relaxing synth patterns on 85-92 are replaced by long, droning synths along with unnerving samples. Selected Ambient Works Volume II provides a cold and bleak look on ambient music, and is a strong candidate for being my favorite of the genre.

Favorite Song: #4 (Hankie)
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Aphex Twin's debut entraps you with its beautiful and meticulously crafted textures and atmospheres. Everything from the samples to the synth patterns have so much care put into them, and certain parts of the album almost left me feeling like I was in a trance. It's no wonder this is seen as a classic of electronic music.

Favorite Song: Xtal
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4 is the worst song on RDJ Album????????????
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