Chris Crack - Sheep Hate Goats
Jun 13, 2021
Pretty sure this my 9th Chris Crack review, probably the 16th album I've listened of his.

Needless to say, I'm a hardcore Chris Crack fan. Because of this relentless work rate, he's up there on my as one of my most-listened-to artists.


Well, Chris Crack is one of the most charismatic rappers out there. The man has a seemingly endless stream of one-liners ready to use at anytime. Not to mention his bold, jejune vocal choices which lead to some of the weirdest and most fun vocalizations out there. The man has a distinct aesthetic which he is able to alter slightly so that every new release is just as enjoyable and fresh as the next.

Unfortunately, "Sheep Hate Goats" is far from Chris Crack's best. The problem with "Sheep Hate Goats" is much like some of my other least favorites from Chris Crack like "Good Cops Don't Exist" (great album name btw). "Sheep Hate Goats" doesn't really present a new side of Chris nor is it a refined and crisp collection of tracks like "Thanks Uncle Trill" or "Might Delete Later".

Some of my favorite projects from Chris are the more carefree and adventurous albums like "Washed Rappers Ain't Legends", however this album just doesn't take enough risks for me to justify the 18-song run-time.

The album starts off fucking incredibly. The tracks, "Don't Check Me up on Me, I'm Good" & No Romance Without Finance" caught me off guard. The album starts off pretty...serious? I've always known that Chris can come through with some more emotional/conscious bars just like he did on Bandcamp exclusive tape from last year but these tracks are STELLAR!

Sure, Chris still infuses the verses with some clever similes but still the focused tone of "Don't Check Me Up on me, I'm good" is pretty moving. Same goes for "No Romance Without Finance" assisted by what I believe is a Stevie Wonder talkbox sample but I might be wrong there.

I also love the smooth soulful, "Suckas For Steeping Stones" which isn't his most humourous but it effectively gets me into a Chris Crack mood if you know what I'm saying. "Side Pussy Might Save The Marriage" is decent with a handful of memorable bars and magnetic confidence with a feature from UGLY Boy Modeling. However, from there we have some weaker cuts.

I know Chris has played with a dancefloor tune before on "Haters Forget They Were Fans First" but the track, "Too Famous to Sneak In" has to be one of the most bland and tame songs I've ever heard from Chris. Especially with those uncharismatically dull and safe features.

I'm also a little dissappointed with the production here, I'm not sure how much I can blame Cutta for that since I only heard his "Tag" a couple times. But tracks like "Turn Your Simp Off and "Sex Dreams About Platonic Friends" are some of the laziest production I've heard Chris on. Like, the aesthetic is there but the creativity isn't. Not to mention the messy samplework on "Condoms From Target" and "Braided Booty Hair".

Even Chris isn't at his best with some lacklustre performances lacking the usual onslaught of hilarious bars. He's still a notable presence behind the mic but compared to his 2020 output and "Might Delete Later", he's less remarkable.

Luckily, the album ends with a stronger string of tracks like the atmospheric semi-introspective, "Smile Cause It Happened" & "N*gga Ain't Runnin No More". My favorite track on the entire album also appears towards the end with the shimmering track, "Sorry, I"m BUilding My Brand" featuring none other than Michael Christmas. Michael & Chris' delivery balance perfectly and it's just such a blissfully brief rap track, I love it.

The closer also makes up for Chris' underwhelming performances here with some personality-building bars which successfully gives this semi-forgettable project a rewarding finish.

Yeah, "Sheep Hate Goats" is a Chris Crack projects by-the-numbers but it's a lot less energetic and vibrant with it's production and with Chris himself. Nevertheless, the aesthetic still hasn't grown stale for me and there are enough bright moments here that I can still enjoy the project. Let's just hope that the enxt Chris Crack album is more urgent and exciting!

FAV TRACKS: "Suckas For Stepping Stones", "Don't Check Up On Me, I'm Good", "No Romance Without Finance", "Shouldaboughtahonda", "Sorry, I'm Building My Brand", "Out of my mind, Please Leave a Message"

LEAST FAV TRACKS: "Too Famous to Sneak In", "Braided Booty Hair", "Condoms From Target"
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