Feb 23, 2019
Feb 23, 2019
I wanted this to be so much better than it actually was.
Feb 23, 2019
this is already old
Feb 23, 2019
god damn it fantano
Feb 21, 2019
To Cure a weakling Child is what will be played at my funeral.
Feb 21, 2019
Classic...Ventolin is my wedding song.
Feb 19, 2019
Feb 19, 2019
Feb 19, 2019
Add a goddamn apostrophe!!!!!!!
This album is actually better than what I expected. Boogie actually stayed somehwat consistent throughout this project and although he does fall into a couple unwanted 'pop-rap' tendencies, his reflective lyrics do shine especially in songs like Tired/Reflections and Lolsmh( By the way, fuck that title). Yet, personally still has problems cohesive song structures without seeming over thought out. His choruses might be the worst part of the album. I personally ... read more
Feb 19, 2019
Best Trap Project of 2019 so far. Q Da fool does show up on some tracks and keep my attention and KEnny is always fcking fire. Of Course. Worth a ilsten for the bangers. Especially...Work.
Feb 19, 2019
Somebody ruined it..it's at 68/100...smh.
Feb 19, 2019
I believe this is better than Skins!, honestly Craig Xen has some alright contributions and Sauce! is just as good as the best song on Skins! It's pretty empty, but whiles its on, it's enjoyable sort of, I mean half of the songs are alright, the rest are forgettable garbage.
Feb 19, 2019
I think this EP is filled with stark youth and clear life, yet I fail to find anything too different about this. It is just sort of copying that 80's, 90's garage rock sound. Which is fine, just definitely a factor. Also, personally that whole sound does get to be a little stale even though it is only four tracks, 'The Big One' is by far the worst and by then I have lost interest. This is alright, very vibrant and bouncy and fun, but lacks a real direction or a attention grabbing aspect.
Feb 19, 2019
I have not listened to this, but let's be honest its a Florida Georgia Line named 'Can't Say I Ain't Country'...this shit must be terrible.
Feb 18, 2019*
Ghostface comes out swinging and hits hard on a couple tracks, yet I can't help but think that as this album dies down as his swings loses their power especially in Mongolian Beef. Also, as a huge CZARFACE fan, I know that the production on this album is lackluster. Don't get me wrong, there are highlights like Iron Claw and Face Off where both 7L and Ghostface kill shit, but as the album continues the verses just get worse and worse, this has some of the weakest ghostface verses in a while ... read more
Feb 15, 2019
So far I prefer Fresh Air, Midnight Snack and In The Shower over this, but it really is too early to judge. This is a slow-burner of an albuma nd although sometimes I feel as if HOMESHAKE is far too repetitive with his soundscapes for example 'Nothing Could BE Better', sometimes he finds a new rabbit hole to jump into and that is where his brilliance lays. So far....66/100
Feb 15, 2019*
This is nowhere as scary or intimidating as I expected it to be. Actually it sounds pretty cheap and fabricated. Disappointed at the album. Let it be clear though that Pitchfork is still shit and their opinion is absolute garbage, I don't like this album because of it's disgustingly inoffensive vocals and forced instrumentation...ugh. Who thought that those weak ass emotion less pop vocals would mix with the somewhat metallic instrumentation.
Feb 13, 2019
'thank u, next' by Ariana Grande

Written By André Vital Pardue

Ariana Grande changes direction on this project, which worried me to begin with. Especially concerning the production. ‘Sweetener’ was incredible, one of my favorite pop albums of the 21st century. The Pharrell-led production was one of the best factors, it worked perfectly with Ariana's majestic vocals. This is what made ‘Sweetener’ so damn likeable. That's why I was so worried about her follow-up ... read more
Feb 11, 2019
What the fuck is he doing to his vocals?
Ehhhh, some moments are strange, quirky and eclectic, all of this is meant positively, songs like Inner Monologue and Home Free are my favorites which add a sense of introspection to the chaos which first manifests itself in the beginning of this album. My problem with this album has to be the fact that it does not seem to know exactly what it is or what it wants to be, it sure wants to be weird and strange and makes sure its audience knows that, but ... read more
Feb 11, 2019
So far, I enjoy Jessica's lush vocals and her harmonious guitar melodies, although what I believe for now is this album is missing substance and an overall direction or message.
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