AndreVital -
Possibly the most ambitious record I've heard all year. It's crazy to think that the singles might be the most accessible and conventional songs on the album.

Injury Reserve are no longer 'just' a hip-hop group. What genre do they inhibit now? I have no fucking clue.

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix" is a dense amalgamation of a multitude of sounds and genre influences. As a result, I can't say this album sounds like anything I've heard before. This is a double-edged sword. On one ... read more
AndreVital -
Dean Blunt's trademark gorgeous production prompts Leandoer to deliver a uniquely hypnotizing and moving vocal performance. The way Lean stumbles over this song shouldn't work but it somehow emphasizes the distinct vulnerability of each word and brings extra power to one of his most reflective tracks to date.

I'd go crazy if Lean releases a project full of these hypnagogic pop "ballads" with Dean Blunt production. That'd be otherworldly.
AndreVital -
What did you expect? Fuck this album for rubbing my face into the fact that I haven't seen Archy live yet.

What a surprise. The man who would give his kidneys to see Archy Marshall live enjoyed this collection of live performances of two of his favorite albums of all time. No shit. Archy Marshall A.K.A King Krule is one of my favorite artists of all time. Needless to say, I was excited for this Live album to hit streaming 9 days before my birthday. Predictably, this was outstanding.

I ... read more
AndreVital -
This sounds like Lemonhead but way better since Maxo Kream >>> 42 Dugg.

Anyway, I'm honestly so hyped for whatever Maxo has coming up! His recent tracks have displayed a certain focus and determination that isn't always present in his verses. Oh, and of course Tyler's verse and production is super creative and boastfully celebratory!
AndreVital -
This upcoming project is such a great idea, tastefully repackaging some b-sides to be something more intriguing as Radiohead combines two of their album aesthetics.

This lead single sounds more reminiscent of Amnesiac than Kid A for me personally. That being said, I love this. I'm pretty sure I heard this already as an unreleased track but yeah, this still blew me away! Thom's vocals and melodies aren't the most engaging or memorable I've heard on a Radiohead song but the lyrics are pretty ... read more
AndreVital -
Drake has gotten to a point in popularity where he no longer needs to put in any effort.
We knew this already.
Nevertheless, "Certified Lover Boy" seems like it's just taking the piss at this point.

Aubrey Graham AKA Drake is one of the most popular artists of the past decade. His uniquely moody and braggadocious delivery has managed to appeal to both R&B and Hip-Hop fans. Albums like "Nothing Was The Same" and "Take Care" would set the scene for what pop-rap ... read more
AndreVital -
It's chaotic and reckless. Kanye impatiently hops from one idea to another as he fuses practically every relevant hip-hop aesthetic by collaborating with any artist imaginable. This album is a bumpy ride full of precarious vulnerability and unstable stylistic decisions.

That being said...isn't that exactly when Kanye makes his best music?

There are no half measures when it comes to Kanye West. "Donda" is another example of Kanye's unfathomable artistic ambition. I'd even go as far ... read more
AndreVital -
Don't claim to represent St.Louis anymore if you're collaborating with goddamn Darius Rucker, Kane Brown, and Florida Georgia Line.

AndreVital -
One of the HARDEST Keef songs in recent memory. I wonder if this consistent stream of singles that Keef has been putting out will amount to a new album soon or something.
AndreVital -
Wow, these singles have been nothing short of spectacular. I wonder if "Friends That Break Your Heart" will manage to surpass "The Colour In Anything" as my favorite James Blake project.

Although it's not as ambitious and gorgeous as "Say What You Will", the approach that James takes on "Life Is Not The Same" is fascinating. The production is handled by Joji, Take A Daytrip and James, somehow the mix of aesthetic works to create something brand new. ... read more
AndreVital -
"Trip At Knight" might not be Trippie Redd's worst record but it certainly is his most uninspired and stale.

Michael Lamar White IV A.K.A Trippie Redd was an integral part of the SoundCloud Rap wave. The Ohio rapper's distinct, bellowing vocals allowed him to embrace the term, "auto-crooner" with confidence. The first three "A Love Letter To You" projects along with "LIFE'S A TRIP" weren't just impressive for how they propelled Trippie into stardom but ... read more
AndreVital -
Might as well finally finish writing something for this album in honor of Fantano finally reviewing a Zelooperz project!

The first half of "Van Gogh's Left Ear" takes Zelooperz's chaotic flows and animated deliveries to an extreme with one of the most undeniably thrilling collections of hip-hop bangers I've heard in a while. The second half of the album continues the experimental spirit as Zelooperz explores a multitude of genre-bending sounds.

Zelooperz is an artist close to my ... read more
AndreVital -
I've never been crazy about Lizzo's vocal approach and although I certainly understood the appeal of her last album, it just wasn't clicking with me. Nevertheless, this latest single is STELLAR!

Compared to some of her other hits, I just think Lizzo has so much more natural charisma on this track. Sure, it's another "haters gonna hate" song concept which can be corny as fuck but Lizzo's lyrics are actually relatively focused and engaging. Cardi B also was the perfect feature for ... read more
AndreVital -
Love is a powerful thing.
Do you want to slow dance? 🥺

I've always had a soft spot for romance. There are few concepts more universally applicable to the human experience than "falling in love". That's why our music is constantly talking about "love at first sight", sexual adventures, and tear-jerking break-ups. I don't see a day where we will get tired of hearing about the indescribable sensation of mutual attraction or that eternally impactful realization that your ... read more
AndreVital -
Boldy James reconnects with Uncle Al to create an intricate and cohesive classic hip-hop experience, even if "Bo Jackson" sounds a little too comfortable for the duo, these two are simply too talented to make something "average".

The Alchemist should need no introduction. The legendary producer has been one of the most hard-working and iconic producers of the past decades. His sample-heavy aesthetic has driven a whole underground gangsta rap scene for years and years. ... read more
AndreVital -
I've been scavenging through boxes of nostalgia that had been hidden away in my storage for nearly a decade this entire month.

Today, I found my Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten "Profile Book" which has a bunch of pictures in it and different activities. One of the activities was that we had to talk about our favorite song, I picked "John Lee Supertaster"! Anyway, this all prompted me to realize that "No!" by They Might Be Giants was possibly my first ever ... read more
AndreVital -

Had to complete a huge move across seas so my Chief Keef binge took a brief break so I'ma just do this one real quick.

I'll be honest, I'm probably biased when it comes to "Sorry 4 The Weight". It was the first Chief Keef project I ever listened to, probably the first Drill project I listened to as well as one of the first hip-hop albums I added to my Spotify with my newfound musical independence I was granted in 2015. Therefore, I probably have some nostalgia ... read more
AndreVital -
Yves Tumor wastes no time on "The Asymptotical World", effectively introducing the audience to their bold new sound with 6 thunderous alt-rock bangers!

Yves Tumor seems destined for an INCREDIBLE career ahead of them. They first caught my eye with the hypnotizing and soothing "Serpent Music" back in 2016. Although I'm eternally grateful to Yves for being my portal into the world of Hypnagogic Pop where I would go on to find some of my favorite artists of all time such as ... read more
AndreVital -
I will defend this album forever. Despite what you may think about the rest of the Culture Trilogy, the first installment in the "Culture" series should be remembered as a definitive moment for not only the Migos' careers but trap rap in general.

It's almost ironic how people's biggest complaint about their recent material is that it's too formulaic and uninspired when not too long ago, they were releasing one of the most ambitious and adventurous mainstream trap albums ever ... read more
AndreVital -
Sorry that it took me so long to give this one a listen!

Concrete Castles follows up his thoroughly enjoyable, "Cerulean Echoes" with his noisiest record to date! I may only know Concrete Castles because of this site but I'm being 100% honest when I say that I LOVED his 2020 album, "Onanon". That shit was masterful, a mix of a whole ton of genres I can't even list out. Concrete Castles made his own sound, a sound he would continue to push on the slightly less ambitious yet ... read more
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