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MGMT - Kids
May 29

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100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
100 gecs' latest album and I must say, it was an absolute delight! From the opening track, I was hooked and the energy and creativity of the album kept me engaged throughout. The production is top-notch, with a mix of electronic, hip-hop, and pop influences that create a unique and exciting sound.. Overall, 10,000 gecs have created an album that is both innovative and entertaining. It's an absolute must-listen for anyone who loves experimental music. Highly recommended this album!

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Tyler, The Creator - See You Again
Amazing song, Beat amazing and tyler and kali's chemistry is incredible and something to witness
MGMT - Kids
Man, The Nostalgia
Taylor Swift - Karma
cant believe she is dating such a dick. This song is a cash grab
Lil Durk - Almost Healed
Cool Concept, Weak Execution

I respect Lil Durk for creating a mental focused album but it dosent really work. It is full of half baked beats like on " Put Them On The Ice" His rapping on this thing is really mid as well, His flow is lacking and he has like 0 Charisma in this album.

Another thing is the features, They are as expected pretty mid and bring nothing to the album, Plus I have to shoutout how god awful the Chief Wuk feature is, It is full of mid and cringe lyrics, I do ... read more

Harry Styles - Lights Up
fight me one of his best songs


Hey there, Andy! I am almost at 100 reviews and I thought to myself, what would I review for my 100 review. What do you think? And it doesn't just have to be rock or metal. It can be anything. I will also be doing a community list on the most requested albums. Thank you!
Hello Andy!!
It’s about that time I make another user-based list, so here’s the prompt:
If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? It doesn’t need to be your favorite song, but one that you would personally choose to listen to with no other options.
Okay bye bye!!
Hey Andy!!! To celebrate me now having 400 albums rated and reviewed I'm gonna be putting together a community list and I of course need your help. It'd mean so much to me if you could help.

Whats a song that makes you have the feeling of ascending into a into another world or into space, a song that makes you feel like you have left your body and you are inside of the music. I'll start first! MY EYES off of Travis Scott's new album 100% does that for me.

Also feel free to give an explanation for your choice, Thank you!
Hey Andy! I hate promoting things but this occasion is really special! I recently hit 500 legends following me! So, to celebrate that milestone I decided to put together my first community list from all of those who supported me along the way!

I wasn't sure what to do as pretty much everything has already been done, so I decided on this:

Imagine you're in an apocalypse, the whole world has gone to peril and you can only play one special song before everything perishes, what song are you picking and why? It doesn't need to be just one song, it can be a variety of songs if you can't choose just one.

I’ll compile everyone’s results over the next few days and I’ll let you know once the list is ready!

Thank you for your time! if you don't want to participate then ignore this message :)
hi Andy!! i’m making a list and i need your opinion.
Like AOTY’s “Night Listen” list, I have made a spinoff with a question everybody deserves to know the answer to. What is an album that you think is best taken in/experienced during the morning?
If I could have your pick as soon as possible thatd be great! :)
Andyyyy how’s it been man. Been a little bit
I don’t have a favorite song, but if I had to choose, I’d pick “The Past Is a Grotesque Animal” by of Montreal. It’s such an epic track, somewhat indescribable, even. It’s not a suite, but it’s has a repetitive yet continuously growing beat that just astounds. The lyrics are great as well, but they’re better understood in the context of ‘Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?’, my favorite album of all time.
Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) by Deftones

it gives me a feeling I can't describe, a feeling of peaceful and blissful freedom almost and it brings me back to a very pivotal moment in my life. It's one of those tracks that I can play on repeat continuously without getting tired of it and I just love it so much. It's been my fav song OAT for over 2 years now and I dont think thats gonna change
A tie between Pagan Poetry and Fast As You Can. One sends my soul to heaven, while the other is a hell of a ride


Tell me what to review next!,
Fav Album OAT: Ok Computer
Thank You so much for 200 Followers!, 200 Follower special coming soon. I love you all and thanks for supporting me on what I love to do


I am taking a break I really need it, I will be back in 2/3 weeks

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