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slowthai - UGLY
Mar 6

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Sampha - Lahai
Dec 1

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Danny Brown - Quaranta
Quaranta is well written with an introspective look by Danny. He talks about his ambitions, his career, the mistakes hes made on the way of the journey. It's a mature record, and definitely not as electric as Dannys previous work. This works on most tracks. I think the project slightly loses its steam after an insane start, but even the second leg of the album has grown on me, some pretty cool jams with content.


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PinkPantheress - Heaven knows
"Heaven knows" is a slight improvement from Pink Pantheresses. Better writing, a more clear subject matter, cool use of autotune and for the most part charming and fun-sounding.


Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
Ken Carson improves on A Great Chaos. His writing and rapping has only gotten marginally better, but this project has a more focused sound than what I'm used to from Ken. Good production, interesting ideas, and its shorter than X so its not such a drag to get through. It can be a bit inconsistent, but I think this is a step in the right direction for Ken Carson.


Westside Gunn - And Then You Pray For Me
And Then You Pray For Me is a rather disappointing sequel. The production choices work well sometimes, like on Kostas where i love the trap instrumental, but on 50% of this album it doesn't work. The runtime is a bit long, if some of the trap centred songs were cut it would be a lot better. Features were decent though (Stove God Cooks in particular), and there's some songs to come back to for sure. The rapping from some of the Griselda people on here is great.

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Drake - For All The Dogs
For All The Dogs was overhyped by drake in my opinion, he said it would be "the old drake" i really don't see that here. Its what you would have expected from a modern drake release, and its fine.. there's some good songs and moments to come back to, but there's also a lot of bad on here. Oh and yeah, an hour and a half... way too long. Not his worst, but not his best.


Doja Cat - Scarlet
Scarlet has some really poor writing, songs that drag on way too long due to their lack of progression or really anything interesting going on, and I don't really see her point about this being "different then the rest of her music". It may be slightly but... eh I don't think its that noticeable if imp being honest. I think there are some solid ideas but as a whole it doesn't quite hit.



Hey AntonioRunaway! Thanks for being part of my journey to 100 followers. As a celebration, I'm making a community list with help of all my former 100 followers. The theme of the list is "perfect albums to introduce a hip-hop head to other genres", you can suggest up to 3 albums and add a description to each; it doesn't matter what genre they belong to, they can even be hip-hop albums that branch out to other genres. I'd appreciate your answer.
Hello Antonio,

I was thinking of compiling a community list for celebrating 100 followers on AOTY. For the list, I wanted to go for some crazy bars or lyrics from any song in any genre you can think of. These lyrics can be either insanely bad, hilarious, awkward, or straight up trash (everyone's view on wild lyrics will vary). I wanted to stick with the rap genre, but I think it'll give people more options to choose from. Should be fun! Thank you in advance and I'll update the list once I get everything ready :)
hey Antonio! Once you can, would you mind checking out my new song ;))
Hey man, I have an idea for a video! There's these things called "song sorters" where you basically get to rank every song from an artist from best to worst. It essentially works like this: You're presented with two songs, and you have to pick which one you like more. Once you pick one, you're presented another two songs, and you have to pick which one you like more again. And you just keep going on and on until you gone through every song in the artist's discography. Once you're done, you're presented with a list with every song from the artist ranked from best to worst according to your choices. I think it's cool, fun little thing to do, and I think it would make for an interesting video.
The easiest way to find them is to search "(insert artist here) song sorter". Not every artist has one, but if you can find an artist (or artists) to do this with I think you could turn it into a video (I was gonna suggest Kanye but you already did a vid ranking all his songs)
Whaddya think?
A fellow man from the Balkans. Like your content btw.
Hey Antonio, for my upcoming 700 follower special I wanted to do a list based some research on AOTY user's most listened to albums. All you need to do is send me a link to your account. If you don't have one, no worries. If you could tell me what is (probably) your top 10 most listened to albums that would great instead. Thanks for your time in advance!
Helllo my friend! I just released my first ever project, and I would be very happy if you'd listen to it!
(The lyrics are in hebrew so it's a little confusing)
hii!! i just dropped a new single. it’d be amazing if you could check it out. let me know what you think!
hey!! i saw u were following me, and i just dropped an album called "THE WORLD'S ENDING!" and i would appreciate it if you listened and gave a review :O


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