Poppy - I Disagree
Jan 11, 2020
Alas, we've finally reached our first true new music release day for this decade, albeit a rather slow one. The new record that's receiving the most attention is Poppy's new record "I Disagree" for some obvious reasons. The recent split with Sinclair, the changeover to a sound that revolves around industrial metal, and some edgy lyrics make this the album that stands out amongst a small crowd of not so surprising releases. But what does the hype surrounding "I Disagree" amount to? Are we being dealt the the first masterpiece of the decade or are we simply fooling ourselves into believing that because, shit, we got nothing else to listen to guys?

Like most things in life and music, that answer isn't a simple one. "I Disagree" put a smile on my face as soon as I hit play and heard the stark contrast of "Concrete" and stayed there for close to the entirety of the album. Instantly my mind went to the craze of Babymetal when they released their first couple singles. Back then there wasn't a whole lot in the mainstream you could compare it to so people either thought it was godsend or a big gimmicky pile of poopoo. Several years later, the debate has practically died out as has the fascination; and guess what folks? The same is likely to happen here.

For me, this was my first time listening to Poppy and what a fun experience it was! Tracks like the title track or "Fill the Crown" are undeniably infectious and catchy. The obvious stand out "BLOODMONEY" proves that Poppy is willing to experiment and take risks. The production is clean and loud. Besides a few weak points ("Nothing I Need") the album is filled with an abundance of variety and flair. Without a doubt it's an exciting ride worth taking, keeping in mind that with each run the thrill will begin to grow thin.

Lyrics have always been something that are often easy to ignore, depending on what I'm listening to. Most albums fall in that middle ground of "good but not great" and the music itself can often push it into whatever level of greatness it deserves. On "I Disagree" it's pretty hard to ignore them, as they are repeated often and loud and sometimes even downright cringy. Songs like "Concrete" jam but I have a really hard time taking it seriously when she sings "Bury me six feet deep, turn me into a street." It comes off as cliche and something a 16 year old might put in a poem to be edgy. One of the most glaring issues lyrically lies in the song "BLOODMONEY." Look, I can listen to some fairly terrible black metal and be just fine but I can't help but feel offended when I get to the "Jesus the Christ" line. I've listened to the album a few times and can't help but skip over that song, but let me explain before you roll your eyes. One thing I can't stand is shock just for shock. The whole criticism of Christianity is the cheapest go-to for any artist to try and gain some shock points and this has to be one of the lamest attempts I've heard in a while. Not to mention the hypocrisy of the song itself when you realize she's criticizing others for being fake when the song itself is pretty much just that. Also, one of the most cliche things artists tend to do is make songs about how "the record label is treating me like a dog." Its rich coming from someone who seems to have had more control over her sound than most artists clearly do.

Do yourself a favor and give this record a spin. Although I can't help but gag at the thought of all those pop fans who will suddenly "like metal" after this and start dressing like Billie Eilish, I also can't help but be happy about the potential exposure the genre might get. But, much like the misguided mosh pits that are sure to break out at the next Poppy concerts, this one won't be around for long.

Rating: 7.5/10
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