Feb 26, 2020
After watching Mover Shaker's Audiotree set, I was almost certain this would be a legit masterpiece. Although there are some fantastic ideas here, the entire record feels rushed. You've got songs like Vilify and Service Provider that sound incredible but you also have Midwest Amnesiac Blues which has terrible mixing and it completely ruins the track. Or Honeydew/House of Youth where the vocal performances are way off. Mover Shaker are a phenomenal live act who are undeniably talented and ... read more
Feb 24, 2020
Album of the Week: 2-24-20

King Krule continues his reign with another excellent release! This times it's a little less gloomy and a little more punchy, making this his most accessible record yet!
Feb 23, 2020
Will delete my rating in time, as I dont like having single ratings on my profile but I honestly think this is 100. The review below is one of the video and song together.

The video begins with a computerized Matty going to a fictional detox clinic called "Mindshower" to "go offline." Ironically, the world he enters is inhabited by a cast of popular meme's pasted atop identical bodies. The concept seems to be about how we tend to use memes and social media to escape ... read more
Feb 21, 2020
Art Angels > Visions > Miss Anthropocene
Feb 20, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Album Thoughts #3

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. King Krule was a terrible choice for band of the week; not because his music is bad but it's depressing and sluggish as fuck. I don't have it in me to write a review, so I'm going to write a bunch of dumpster fire lines below. Enjoy (or don't. Who cares).

You know the quote "if you stare into the void long enough, the void stares back," if you stare at King Krule, he won't stare back because he's incapable of eye ... read more
Feb 19, 2020
I listen to this shit like 5 times daily
Feb 19, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Album Thoughts #2

Growing up, King Krule, or Archy Marshall, had a difficult time. Apparently he had a pretty big problem with authority and had a rough time in his youth. Consequently, he gained confidence in himself and gained the type of mature wisdom most of us don't acquire until many years later. On his 19th Birthday, under the moniker King Krule, Archy drops his debut. At that age, most of us were just getting out first serious job, or experiencing the world for ... read more
Feb 19, 2020
I Let It in and It Took Everything is literally everything you could ask for in a modern Metalcore record. I honestly tire from the endless bombardment of overly fast metalcore records that leave zero room for their songs to air out or expand. It seems to be the trend to go full-force for a 25-35 minute run-time, with cleverly placed breakdowns and an occasional clean-vocal hook. Loathe took the formula and threw it out the window with this adventurous album. What could have been a risky ... read more
Feb 19, 2020*
Who knew? Chinese Black Metal is the shit. This debut from Vengeful Specter is a top tier black metal record. Their level of talent it undeniable and I'll put my money down that this will land on Decibel's top 50 list at the end of the year (ranking rather high). Every member shines here, with consistently great riffs, a drummer whose timing is insane but never gets overly flashy, and piercing vocals that'll haunt your dreams. The only downside to said vocals is the lack of variety, ... read more
Feb 18, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Album Thoughts #1

King Krule's introduction into the scene is a messy one, but accurately presents the character that we will begin to know and love. It's not something I will likely return to, besides The Noose of Jah City or Portrait In Black And Blue, but Krule was still miles ahead of any peer's considering he wasn't even 18 at the time of it's release. Lyrically he's always been at the top of his game with bleakly poetic themes delivered in his gritty manor that he'll ... read more
Feb 17, 2020
Album of the Week : 2-17-20

Post-Punk Blues. Need I say more? Bambara's new record is the musical embodiment of cool!
Feb 15, 2020
EDIT: Okay, I never give out zero's anymore, I think I only have a few, but fuck. I got Yummy stuck in my head now and I keep questioning myself, why did I give this a chance? Why would he make something so bad? Were the features literally trying to see how bad they could make it? I've always said, you cant just give things 100 or 0, unless you mean it. I have way too many 100's but this record is a ZERO. Its have the opposite effect of a 100. Instead of feeling great, I feel nauseous and ... read more
Feb 14, 2020
Welp, Happy Valentines Day Everybody!

Looking for a good Valentines Day record for your night? Tennis is the right choice and chances are they dropped it today on purpose (they've quite literally done it before). This baby is a lush, smooth record. It's nostalgic as a midnight drive with friends. Sneaking outside with your friends to sneak a puff of a cigarette. It's romantic. Swimmer is a late night dip in the pool. A silent smile to yourself when you're in the moment. It's nighttime. ... read more
Feb 13, 2020
Pretty cool guys!! I really dug the beat but the vocal aspect lost me a bit as the track went on. It felt more like an interlude of sorts but I didnt dislike it! I see potential in the style, and although I'm not necessarily a fan of this type of music, it was an intriguing listen! Thanks for sharing! I don't rate singles on here, but if I did I'd give it around a 50-60 score!
Feb 12, 2020
Simply put, Envys strengths are also their weaknesses. They have literally perfected their niche of music and they will never deviate from that. They almost make me want to say the one blasphemous thing that I hate when people say: All their songs sound the same. Its almost like a way for people to dismiss something great (Tool) but here, besides the few standout records, they've done a lot of the same thing repeatedly. The thing is, this is a solid record. On it's own, as a debut, it would ... read more
Feb 12, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Albums Thoughts #2

Tame Impala's sophomore record is the perfect meeting point between his more rock oriented music and his Psychedelic pop of Currents. The best of both worlds can be found here. Track to track, its brilliant Psychedelic song after the next, a nearly flawless run. You really cant beat Tame Impala at what he does. Parker is a perfectionist that dosent allow his music to fall flat, even for a second! His song writing abilities and producing abilities are ... read more
Feb 11, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Album Thoughts #1

Tame Impala definitely has a signature sound and already on his debut it feels fully formed. I'm a huge fan of Currents but because of that, I've mostly avoided his earlier material since I really enjoy the crystal clear produced psychedelic pop sound of that record, and have never been particularly fond of psychedelic rock, besides a few records. But I must say, you can clearly hear that it's the same artist and it's done somewhat in the same style; ... read more
Feb 10, 2020
Album of the Week (2-10-20)

"I hate the rhythm of our lives these days
Stare into a dead space
Shouting at my phone. Ducking in my seat
Cause someone brought a bag into the movie theater
Everyone shrugs at the same time. "Yeah, yeah, we know."
You're singing sad to thirty-somethings in a bar
"Play us some nostalgia songs
Cause no one really wants to hear about you anymore."
I know..."

Lyrics like this give me chills every time… very emotionally hitting ... read more
Feb 6, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Album Thoughts #3

Envy has almost fully transitioned over to Post-Rock and although it suites their style fairly well, the post-rock segments feel very over bloated and become a chore to listen to. The longer tracks, The Unknown Glow clocking in at a full 15 minutes, are particularly testing of anyone's patience. As a whole, the record is another solid one that contains many high points throughout and their Post-Rock influences, although trite, pair well with the vocals and ... read more
Feb 4, 2020
BAND OF THE WEEK: Album Thoughts #2

Quite simply, Post-Hardcore/Post-Rock perfection. Curious what Explosions in the Sky would sound like with screamo in the mix? Look no further, this is as close as it gets. And yes, I know, it's not the most ambitious version of post-rock, but it works wonders to build atmosphere in an all emotion, Screamo record. This record would be the one to give peers like At The Drive-In a run for their money. It's heavy, and you can feel the passion in the music ... read more
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