AOTY 2023
Coming together to form the Mt. Rushmore of women in indie rock, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus present boygenius: the band, *and* the EP. The real treat is that both are as excellent as one could imagine.

After many times listening through, I still have the most difficult time finding something to dislike about this EP. Everything I enjoy about each member's solo work is here in spades, whether it be the way that Julien, Lucy, and Phoebe's heavenly voices harmonize together from track to track or each of their stunning senses for hard-hitting songwriting. Each track here showcases why each of these women makes such convincing arguments for being some of the most compelling songwriters of our time. While many moments shine throughout, some favorites of mine include Phoebe's “I wanna be emaciated / I wanna hear one song without thinking of you” from 'Me & My Dog,' Lucy's “When you cut a hole in my skull / Do you hate what you see? / Like I do” from 'Souvenir,' and Julien's “I’m gnashing my teeth / Like a child of Cain / If this is a prison I’m willing to buy my own chain”
from 'Salt in the Wound.'
Seeing as the three have rejoined several moments in the past year, whether it be for each other's solo ventures like 'Graceland Too' & 'I Know the End' from Punisher or 'Favor' from Little Oblivions, as well as providing backing vocals for Hayley Williams of Paramore fame on 'Roses / Lotus / Violet / Iris,' here's hoping that all hope for a second boygenius project has not been lost. Who knows -- maybe next time, it could even be a full-length LP. A boy can dream.

Favs: Bite the Hand; Me & My Dog; Souvenir; Stay Down; Salt in the Wound; Ketchum, ID
Least Fav: N/A

Track Ratings
1Bite The Hand / 90
2Me & My Dog / 100
3Souvenir / 100
4Stay Down / 90
5Salt in the Wound / 100
6Ketchum, ID / 90
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