Doja Cat - Balut
Now THIS is what I was expecting from Doja and Scarlet as a whole after she released 'Attention.' Absolutely gorgeous production topped off with some great verses from Doja presented in a very casual cadence. I find it very strange that the clean version of the song has a different outro than the explicit, repeating the Ric Flair quote from the beginning -- I like that repetition a whole lot, actually. I feel it closes the song and the album out way better than the regular track's fadeout to ... read more
Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
Ants From Up There is a perfect step-up from BCNR’s brilliant 2021 debut, doubtless to become a classic in the realm of rock by the end of the decade.

Favs: Intro; Chaos Space Marine; Concorde; Bread Song; Good Will Hunting; Haldern; Mark’s Theme; The Place Where He Inserted the Blade; Snow Globes; Basketball Shoes

Sexyy Red - Hood Hottest Princess
So insanely fun to listen to, the chorus on ‘Looking for the Hoes’ has been my vocal stim for the last week now. Also impressive asf for her to get legends like Nicki and Juicy J on her debut, like wtf????
I love seeing pretty women win!!

Favs: I’m the Shit; SkeeYee; Pound Town 2; Looking for the Hoes (Ain’t My Fault)

Sufjan Stevens - A Sun Came
While not his strongest effort, Sufjan Stevens' debut is far from marring his illustrious discography: A Sun Came is a starting point full of potential, even with its lowlights.

Apart from some head-scratching interludes in the first half (that, thankfully, aren't too long) and the one-two wallop of 'Godzuki' and 'SuperSexyWoman' (the latter has some pretty fun atmosphere, but is marred by its songwriting), A Sun Came contains some pretty good, early-era Sufjan material. There's also a lot of ... read more

Sufjan Stevens - Will Anybody Ever Love Me?
ohhhh we're serving existential crisis kunt 🤩😻
Doja Cat - Demons
if you ever wondered what Coi Leray doing a Playboi Carti impression sounded like
kind of hope that this would be more than what we got, considering how great the trailer for the mv was. first verse is very... hmm. second verse is far better, and the chorus is really fun in my opinion.
not bad overall, but we know she's capable of better. i'm sure it'll grow on me with time (pretty sure i'll raise the score to an 80 down the line), but i'm just kind of whelmed with this one

EDIT: yeahhhhhh i ... read more

Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun
Intelligent, sensual, funny, and unbelievably gorgeous from beginning to end, Mama's Gun is a masterful follow-up to Erykah Badu's already fantastic debut record.

Mama's Gun is an undeniably enjoyable collection of tracks, so much so that I find it incredibly difficult to believe that there wouldn't be SOMETHING for everybody to take away when listening. Whether it be Mama's Gun's gorgeous production and atmosphere that further helped in cementing the sound of neo soul (thanks in part to ... read more

Mitski - Star / Heaven
"That love is a star / It's gone, we just see it shinin' / It's traveled very far"
Adore this single, the buildup of energy (akin to tracks like 'Geyser' off Be the Cowboy and 'Valentine, Texas' off Laurel Hell) packs quite a punch and makes up for the rather short run time.
Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time
It's basically become tradition for Carly Rae Jepsen, pop savant and Canadian national treasure, to drop a collection of B-sides that didn't make the cut for her most recent studio album. This follow-up to last year's The Loneliest Time defies expectations, not only feeling like a fully fleshed-out project that exceeds B-sides territories entirely but stands toe-to-toe as some of her best work yet.

The Loveliest Time is a gorgeous expansion upon the world built by Carly during the creation of ... read more

Nothing here necessarily reaches the heights of ‘Sunflower’ or ‘What’s Up Danger’ from the Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, but still some good stuff. Great soundtrack to match a phenomenal movie – Metro Boomin really did some great work, no wonder he’s one of the biggest hip hop producers working today.

Favs: Annihilate; Am I Dreaming; All the Way Live; Danger; Hummingbird; Calling; Silk & Cologne; Self Love; Home; Nonviolent ... read more

Sufjan Stevens - So You Are Tired
I'm sooooooooooo drunk @sufjanstevens
Suffffjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaan 😭😭😭😭😭
Olivia Rodrigo - bad idea right?
ohhhhhh this is like. not good.
verses take the worst of SOUR's vapid songwriting, the refrain is doing some SERIOUS heavy lifting here. what a falloff from 'Vampire' this was
EDIT: hmmmmmm its growing on me, loveee the production here :3c those verses still remain officially On the Cob🌽 tho (40 > 50)
EDIT2: ok this is camp kinda. like yes gawd you better make a song that sucks on purpose 😻 (50 >> 70)
Erykah Badu - Live
A gorgeous live performance, Erykah’s charisma and connection with the audience is palpable within each crevice of this – the type of live performance you wish you could’ve gotten to sit down for and experience in person.

Favs: Rimshot (Intro); Other Side of the Game; On & On; Appletree; Ye Yo; Searching; Boogie Nights / All Night; Certainly; Stay; Next Lifetime (Interlude); Tyrone; Next Lifetime; Tyrone (Extended Version)

Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall
One must marvel at the excellence BCNR brims with as a collective, even with the fresh loss of Isaac as their frontman. Live at Bush Hall is an excellent showing of the remaining members’ musicianship, presenting a live collection of tracks that are equally devastating and whimsical.

These little British bitches just can’t stop serving !!

Favs: Up Song; The Boy; I Won’t Always Love You; Across the Pond Friend; Laughing Song; The Wrong Trousers; Turbines / ... read more

Halle - Angel
Halle Bailey world domination, i’m UP
Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red
great song (love the Dionne Warwick sample), but everyone is right in saying that this doesn’t sound THAT different enough for Doja’s ‘lemme disavow my old music to garner attention’ gimmick to work fully. Here’s hoping that the material off the forthcoming album is more in line with ‘Attention’ sonically than this
NewJeans - Get Up
BTS what are you doing on the floor 😭 get up fight back !!

With a refreshing expansion upon their previous sound explored in their self-titled EP and OMG, the punchier production of Get Up, inspired by the sounds of dance and drum-n-bass, continues the path that NewJeans have been paving toward becoming one of the most exciting acts working in k-pop today.

Favs: New Jeans; Super Shy; ETA; Cool With You; Get Up; ASAP

ODD EYE CIRCLE’s first project following Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry’s departure from Blockberry Creative alongside the other remaining members of LOONA is a welcome return for the sub-unit, arguably one of the girl group’s most impressive. While not reaching the highs of tracks like ‘Girl Front’ or ‘Sweet Crazy Love,’ tracks like ‘Air Force One’ and ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ come pretty damn close.

Favs: Air Force ... read more

Quickies… (Rating exclusively on the deluxe tracks)

How High
This is a really fun opener, showing some real versatility for Ice Spice as she explores ground outside her typical drill sound.

Butterfly Ku
Absolutely love the production on this one, she’d be smart to keep Riot close to her as a producer.

I knew this one would be on constant repeat when she released that first snippet, but my God did I underestimate how fucking good this beat would be. That second verse is ... read more

Mitski - Bug Like an Angel
“i try to remember / the wrath of the Devil / was also given him by God”
Mitski you’re going to kill me 😭😭
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