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DaBaby - Suge
You're laughing. He turned a poor fellow into a convertible, and you're laughing.

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Ottawan - Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)
This song is so damn cheesy, but it's so damn fun to listen to that it's kinda embarrassing. The beat is so groovy, the production is surprisingly very solid, the vocal performances are really nice, and both singers' chemistry is really cute. Overall, the vibe is immaculately infectious to me that I can't help but smirk even just a little bit every time I hear this song.

Also, the single version is much better imo. The album version drags one part of the instrumentals a bit too long for my ... read more

Starship - We Built This City
I don't understand the hate. Sure, the lyrics are so damn corny, and the message and themes are so cringe, but there's some charm in the vocal performances, the instrumentation, and in the outdated production of the song. I'm not saying that I find myself actively trying to find this song and play it, but I am saying that I don't mind listening to it in the background.
The Beatles - Now And Then
The AI-backed audio restoration of John's vocals was a bit noticeably dated in quality, and the lush, high quality instrumentation didn't help with this. Now despite that, the song is amazing, and it actually put a damn tear in my eye. I love how beautiful it really sounds when all of the members sing together in perfect harmony at points. And as I said earlier, the instrumentation and production is lush and of high quality, and it's surreal to hear this much crispness in sound from a Beatles ... read more
LE SSERAFIM - Perfect Night
Got introduced to this song because of Overwatch 2's event (yes I play the game, and yes I hate it). I love the bubbly and simple production on this, the vocals performances were really nice too, and the song is pretty fun overall.

This collaboration between this group and Overwatch is cute and all, but fuck you Blizzard, I'm not paying 10 dollars for an admittedly really cute skin of Kiriko. That shit's too expensive. Also, give us the PVE you promised us, you hack frauds.

Galileo Galilei - サークルゲーム (Circle Game) [ANOHANA Ver.]
Not as good as the original song, but I LOVE how well the band's aesthetic fits very well with Porter's music that they really compliment each other here.


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