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Listening to every MTV Unplugged Album 197/197


WE ARE FINALLY HERE! After 4 weeks, almost 200 albums, being fired from chipotle, so much happened during this odyssey. There were some really amazing performances from The Cure, Bjork, Nirvana, Fiona Apple, and I also like the Uptown Unplugged performance, and some really terrible performances from people like Kiss, Yungblud, and Arrested Development, and A LOT of mid one.

And now we ... read more

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Slaughter To Prevail - Conflict
This isn't even a song lol, it's just a bunch of breakdowns and pinch-harmonics with slipknot screaming.
Napalm Death - Fear, Emptiness, Despair
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to continue the Napalm Death discog dive.

These albums are just so boring, and dull, and one note that I don't really think it would be a productive use of my time to listen to these albums. While I still hold that Napalm Death's debut is one of the best and most influential metal albums of all time, they've very much watered down to fit in with the Florida death metal scene of the late 80s and early 90s and that really sucks. Napalm Death had such a raw and ... read more

mgk - don’t let me go
One MGK's best, love the vulnerability and genuine expression, however MGK's singing reaaaaaaaally sucks.
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
I like the instrumental, but the guy singing sounds like he's drunkenly yelling about political stuff.
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin
Thank you to @Artemiy_Kopych for recommending me another Judas Priest album!

A lot of this album is either missed potential, or just doing a lot of the same things they did on Sad Wings of Destiny, but slightly better. However, credit where credit is due, this is the only Judas Priest album I've heard that I didn't dislike any of the songs on. However, it doesn't have the highs of British Steel, so I see it as a transitioning point from the earlier dry hard rock stuff into a more refined metal ... read more


Holy fuck you added so many fake MTV Unplugged albums 💀. Did you even Google to make sure they were officially released before adding? You should do that next time
About the miles davis live album thing that you talked about a few months ago. I have put in another correction basically saying the same thing but giving more context and detail. Yours might have been declined due to you not including a source but im not sure. Could have also been that not all of the album was recorded live but that shouldn't be right as for example, Sheik Yerbouti by Zappa is classified as a live album despite multiple tracks being recorded in a studio. Wish me luck it gets fixed lol.
Holy shit, I just realized. I'm almost at 200 reviews!
How the hell did that happen that quick?! Especially since how long my reviews are.
Alright guys, well, time for a 200th review special! Coming soon.
I'll put up a list of albums to review for my 200th review special, however if you want to, you can just recommend those albums to me instead of telling me so I'll put it on the list. Thank you in advance
Okay your taste is actually decent, I don't take back what I said on the Pearl Jam Ten comment, but your fine I guess.
best of luck with your binge
the qna is finally finished. Thank you for your question. ^w^

Hey there, Archery. To celebrate 300 followers I have decided to do something different. A QNA! Because I have not seen anyone else do this before. Basically, you ask me a question, I give you an answer, and I'll put up your #1 favorite album to represent you so I can add your question to my list. If you don't have any questions, or are not doing community list before, that's ok, just tell me that. Ok? Good. So with that being said, do you have any questions for this fellow jester?
i think he did a lot with the presets that he used. they were way better than almost anything else that built off them that's for sure.
😎 Hell yeah it does


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