Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
May 11, 2021
So this review is going to be quite personal, hope that's ok.

Firstly, Titanic Rising is a wonderful expression of emotion and contains some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, Natalie's voice is a blessing and the sound of this album is ethereal and mind altering.

Ever since I discovered this album it quickly became a comfort album to lean on, when I had a hard time, turning to this album was extremely helpful.

So I live in Israel, and as many of you know, it's not the safest place to be in, I'll keep politics out of this, but let's just say that I got put into some uncomfortable situations, I won't state specific incidents but when you and your friends are put in danger, you get into a different mindset.
Very recently something like that has happened, I got very stressed out, and hearing this album has helped so much that it's unbelievable, every time something like this happens I get panic attacks, and this time it really effected me, laying down and listening to this has helped my mental state a lot, and that's just amazing.

We all know music can be therapeutic, and this album is just that for me, every time I hear her voice my mind instantly goes to a much more relaxed place, this record is so nice on the ears, I absolutely love it.

I'd like to talk on the track "Movies", it's possibly my favorite song of the decade and it gives me chills every time, I think it's one of the best produced and performed songs of all time, it's undeniably gorgeous and for me life changing, my first listen to this song was very intense, I was in a bus at night, and when I closed my eyes I transported to another planet, it's a defining moment in my music discovery journey.

To sum this up, this album is not only one of my favorite albums of all time, but an album that has helped me a lot and is incredibly personal to me, I think this album is stunning, and that's it, thank you so much for reading this! it means a lot 💚💚
May 11, 2021
great review man❤❤
May 11, 2021
great review, I hope you’re doing ok
May 11, 2021
@Raccoon⍰ Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ❤
May 11, 2021
@orange73 thank you! Yeah I’m doing alright, thanks a lot ❤
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Weyes Blood - Movies
May 10, 2021
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