Björk - Post
Apr 24, 2021
Post is a masterclass in pop songwriting, a perfect meditation on the modern sounds of electronic and experimental pop.

Bjork has always been an incredibly interesting voice in music to me, she is always doing something different, from bringing underground house sounds into the mainstream in the 90s and pushing musical boundaries with her later releases she was and is a visionary in modern music, and her incredible ability to balance accessible and inaccessible sounds has made for some of my favorite records ever made.

Post is an interesting album in Bjork's discography, after years of taking part in multiple bands throughout the 80s she was looking for her own sound, in the start of the 90s after getting worldwide success with "The Sugercubes" she came out with her first album in named "Debut", a record that saw her experimenting and building on ideas she has built throughout the years, and while being excellent it had something missing, that thing is cohesion.

This album is an incredibly diverse yet cohesive listening experience, from industrial anthems like "Army Of Me" and "Enjoy" to lush trip-hop inspired ballads on "Hyper-Ballad" and "Possibly Maybe", every song exists in it's own different universe yet when you listen to it in full, you get a complete experience that captures you on a ride full of ups and downs, leaving you completely satisfied.

Colorful displays of sound and rhythm are found throughout every second here, the textures are chilling and the soundscapes read incredible amounts of emotion, from overwhelming happiness to feelings of sadness and a lack of control this album is incredibly human.

The consistency of this album is unbelievable, an 11 track track-list that doesn't skip a beat, not only do we get a "perfect" collection of songs, we get wonderful amounts of variety and experimentation, every song is here for a reason, and it really shows.

To sum this up, I absolutely love this album, it was very important record for my musical development and an album that holds up to this day incredibly well, thank you for reading this! it means a lot 💚

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