Björk - Vespertine
Nov 16, 2020 (updated Nov 17, 2020)
Possibly my favorite album of all time, I'll do a track by track review, so let's start:

Hidden Place: a textured, beautiful and addictive opening track, one of her best tracks, and a bjork essential.

Cocoon: the layers of this track are unbelievable, some of the most beautiful singing I've ever heard is on this, so calming.

It's Not Up to You: the beat is always busy, always changing and never gets old, the singing is so on point it's scary, the hook is so good, everything about this track is so good.

Undo: the whole track is beautiful, calming, light and motivating, but then there's the end, and it's literally heaven, and I never use that word.

Pegan poetry: I feel like I'm repeating myself, but everything that has been said about every song so far can be said about this, the emotions are so bold, intimate, strong, and musically it has so much to offer, what an amazing track.

Frosti: a beautiful little interlude, adds a lot and is a wonderful transition to...

Aurora: this song has everything, it's light and heavy, dark and bright, wintery and heavenly, and the lyrics are truly gorgeous, for example "the way it melts, I wish to melt into you".

An Echo, a Stain: This song is dark, disjointed, glitchy, and amazing (sort of a theme here), this song has many ups and downs, but the truly unbelievable moment is at the end, when the song feels like it stops, only static is heard, and then the drop "I'm sorry you saw that, I'm sorry he did it, an echo, a stain" it's one of those defining moments that make this album that incredible, wow.

Sun In My Mouth: this is a much more low key moment on here, and a much needed cooldown, this track is gorgeous, light, breezy, wintery and a very important song for the structure of this album, it's really great.

Heirloom: a much groovier track here, has a lot more rhythm, and amazingly well done, also the singing here is unbelievable, some of her best singing period, amazing cut.

Harm of Will: I tried to describe the feeling this gives me, but couldn't, so I'll sum it up, this is the most calming song I can think of, it almost feels like a purely ambient track, it so soothing, and it's one of her best.

Unison: alright, the last song on here, I wonder if it's good, well... this is easily my favorite song on here, my favorite bjork song, and one of my favorite songs of all time, nuff said.

So to sum this up, this album means so much to me, easily a 10/10, and if you haven't heard this please do, thanks for reading all of this :)

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Definitely the best Björk album. Pagan Poetry is my favorite song of hers!
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