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JAY-Z & Kanye West - No Church in the Wild
Kanye West & JAY-Z
No Church in the Wild
5h ago
Pharell Williams & Miley Cyrus - Doctor (Work It Out)
Pharrell Williams & Miley Cyrus
Doctor (Work It Out)
Mar 1
Free Nationals - Gangsta
A$AP Rocky, Anderson .Paak & Free Nationals
Mar 1
UMI - happy im
happy im
Feb 28

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London Grammar - If You Wait
(Just going back to comment on my favourite albums)
It's been a while since I came across a voice that moved me to tears. Hannah Reid is a gift from the music gods. I was NOT okay for the first few days after hearing this album for the first time; I was a broken record. I discovered the music when I was at a low; I had just moved to a new place and I missed most of my friends. It was comfort. Their music hits like that; it's so ethereal and soft, imaginative and relentless. Hannah tells stories ... read more

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UMI - talking to the wind
It's a short & sweet EP that is carried by UMI's syrupy vocals and the way it blends into the tranquil atmosphere of the EP. The songs sound good enough, but they aren't very unique. You can already sum up some of them in the first 20 seconds. Pretty but lacking some depth.

Highlight: happy im

Allie X - Girl With No Face
"Girl With No Face" is bold, thoughtful and meticulously crafted. The writing tackles myriad themes (identity, conformity, dysphoria) with style and tact, painting a vivid picture for the listener to observe while welcoming them into the protagonist's experience. Allie X's performance is so enjoyable, capturing every intended emotion and exuding the confidence and flair with which the singer approaches this album. Her range is just awe-inspiring. The production is quite solid, serving ... read more
Oh... OH.

This is more crass and vulgar than positively erotic. I mentioned in my review of this EP's predecessor that the project would have benefited from more nuance/less straightforwardness... this drops the ball even further. Yikes, a lot of this is awkward. The lyrics are incredibly distracting from the accompanying beats, which are considerably one-note throughout. It's remarkable how, despite the graphic lyrics, the EP still manages to have boring moments. This is overstimulation in ... read more

Kim Petras - Slut Pop
I actually don't mind this! The seamless transitions between the tracks help keep the energy up and maintain the momentum of the EP. For what the "Slut Pop" seeks to accomplish, the production is alright (ugh Dr Puke). It delivers solid club/house; the highlight for me being the beat of the track "XXX," which has this ridiculous swing that is so catchy and groovy. Kim's energy and performance are solid enough, but I'm not exactly recoiling in awe at how raunchy she can get ... read more
serpentwithfeet - GRIP
I found this album underwhelming, if not a little boring.

I'm not a fan of the vocal filter serpentwithfeet uses. It sometimes makes him incoherent. I can tell from his pitch, runs, and what is left of his natural tone that his voice could probably be pretty effective on its own. The somewhat minimalistic approach to the production works in his favour most of the time, and overall this seems to be the strongest attribute of the album. The singer doesn't seem to have a lot to say nor does he ... read more


Hey! I just released the first single from my upcoming album Singal. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!! https://hypeddit.com/hider/nothing
Whilst I find that tweet very funny, I don’t get why he was moving his louse really quickly? Am I missing something?

It’s one of my favorite reviews of mine to date!

I made sure they don’t exist 😒

Cool! Don’t rush yourself; just recommending some artists that you might want to check out if you go down the Country-Pop rabbit hole.

I just think that food gets all the fun words… I can make Delicious and Scrumptious work in ALL situations if I want to.
Yes! If you haven’t already, I’d recommend some of Kelsea Ballerini’s projects if you’re liking this Country-Pop sound! Ingrid however is a gorgeous artist on all fronts; lyrically, vocally, and physically 😋

Exactly! And I’m glad to find another person who uses “Delicious” in all contexts.
“Wack” isn’t for all people, but I find it to be a wonderfully diverse word.

“Mother Cain” is literally mothering right now. I too don’t know how that would work and also fall into that boat of an occasional listener (I use it when Pandora acts up) but I think it’s kinda cool how it is now? Like, if you care about the music that much, you should search HARD for it 😂

Just release my review on the Brittany album; take a look if you’re curious about what the album sounds like!

‘High Horse’ haters are not my friends
Mark will eat your soul.

Thanks for the follow bestie xxx
Also, I listened to the safesp8ce track and overall I enjoyed it! It was cohesive and catchy, although I felt like it didn’t go where I thought it could push its limits to.
No way you recommended Ingrid Andress to me!

Sometimes when something is wacky, it’s a little kooky or quirky or funny. It’s mainly used in negative contexts, but I use it for everything.

Ooh, thanks for the link!
Yeah, like Ethel Cain’s new single was released under the profile of the artist “Mother Cain”. Not to mention, sometimes people transpose it from some platform to SoundCloud but they have it in this AWFUL quality or “Slowed + Reverb” and etc. It’s just a very interesting site, but sometimes harder to navigate.

I thought the Brittany album was MAJESTIC to say the least.

Yes! It’s my favorite out of her discography and whilst it’s not everyone’s jam, I think it’s a crazy-cool track! She’s got a ton of really nice songs, but I don’t think anything off of GH is nearly as fun as that track, but what could be?

“Wack” has a lot of implications and in my vocabulary it changes on the regular due to context. It’s not always negative, but I find it to be a good way to sum up my feelings when it is. It’s just a really fun word and it gets the job done well!

Pandora is on the Fritz again… is it on SoundCloud per chance? I don’t want to do a giant search only to figure out it isn’t because my SoundCloud knowledge is lacking for sure.

It’s actually so great!
Yes! I love me some Kacey! I’d definitely check out ‘Same Trailer, Different Park’ and ‘Golden Hour’ if you could only do a few from her catalogue, but ‘Pageant Material’ is still super fun!
She’s such a queen.

Her music is so good; she’s very talented, and unlike her personality it’s not super wack or awful.

Not yet, I’m sorry 😅



Pop lover. I mostly listen to the mainstream [or I used to], but the beauty of AOTY is discovering cool new music, no? I may not be too keen on experimental stuff, but I'm occasionally surprised and I'll basically entertain anything that sounds pleasant.

Currently, I'm [slowly but surely] exploring more with music and broadening my horizons. There's so much I'm yet to hear.

I'm not as active as most; here every other day ig. Thanks for stopping by!

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