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Death Grips - The Powers That B
Disclaimer: This review is by far the longest and in-depth things I have done in this site because this is an absolute mammoth of an album that I genuinely have to this review. Would absolutely love you guys to read and share your thoughts about both my review and your opinion. Much appreciate the patience and enjoy your time :)

Death Grips is, in my opinion, the most innovative hip-hop groups ever. They consistently have stronger discography. Their incredible mixtape "Exmilitary" ... read more

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George Clanton - Slide
Truth be told, I didn't know who George Clanton is. Obviously, the word-of-mouth about the guy really went in for curiosity. So, I listened to this album with no expectation whatsoever, and as the first song, I was amazed and in awe at how quality and hazy the track is.

George Clanton's Slide is an album that has so many walls of soundscape that absolutely feels transcendental yet incredibly beautiful. Every track really felt very reminiscent of how 90s it could feel. One might say it is ... read more

Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation
I honestly don't know where to even start with this album "Mista Thug Isolation". I swear this album gets better and nastier with each listen. With so many incredibly clever risks and the unpredictable tracks that made me think, "How is this album even real? Is this made by a human or an alien? This is an absolute genius".

Mista Thug Isolation really marked as one of the most groundbreaking hip-hop albums and it's for the right reason. With its incredibly dark and twisted ... read more

Jon Hopkins - Immunity
So, Immunity by Jon Hopkins is one album that I went in blind. Not knowing what the album was or what it was the album about or even knowing who the artist is. All I know is that the album is both IDM/Ambient record, which is the genre I loved and cherished. And the sheer result of the album I got was absolutely brilliant. This is a masterclass of an electronic album that has so many eclectic, cohesive, and all-in-all consistent track-by-track that works so right in its runtime.

Jon Hopkins ... read more & Britney Spears - MIND YOUR BUSINESS
NR and his music, what else could you say about it? Oh, I have an answer. He makes terrible music.
Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album
Sheesh, this album is so goddamn fun. Considering that I listened to his first album "Selected Ambient Works 85-92", "Richard D. James Album" manages to make a chaotic, engaging, abrasive, and unprompted energy-filled album, but also features a lot of melodious, warm, and lush melody that is absolutely incredible.

With every track on this album, this album manages you to be unexpected in a true RDJ fashion. Be it his off-kilter yet catchy production and his melodious ... read more


Uploaded a big review if you would want to check it out!!!
Hi Arsheeza,

At 400 followers, I wanted to end the Imaginable series (a series of community lists that've conducted this year for research purposes) as a trilogy. Instead of song lyrics, I wanted to focus more on production for the last one. With that being said, for one last time, I wanted to ask you a crucial question: What is the best banger known to man?
Yo! Hello Arsheeza! I'm MALNEEZY and I have a new experimental electronic EP out now and would love if you could check it out! Its about 27 minutes and 6 tracks. Obviously you're not entitled too if you don't wanna lol.
(Here's a link that has where to listen:
hey arsheeza! to celebrate 555 followers i'm making my first community list and my question, if you'd like to participate, is this: what is your favorite project to study/work to?
THE LIST IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for participating and all your wonderful submissions!!!!
Apologies for the wait, have a great day!!!
Arheez keepin up 🔥
Hey Arsheeza!
I just hit 200 followers, thank you all so much!!! To celebrate I'm doing another community list, as my last one seemed to go relatively well...

Ok, here's the scenario:

You're abducted by aliens and they're curious about the human race, and they ask you about the strange assortments of sounds we call 'music'.
What song or album would you pick to show them that encapsulates the reason why humans listen and enjoy music.

Thank you again for your contribution!!
Hello there arsheeza!
Would you like to be part of my new community list? This time, the topic is "Airplane Mode": what would be, in your opinion, a perfect song to play while flying high up in the sky.
I'm looking forward to your submission! And for this occasion I will also make a playlist for Spotify and maybe YouTube as well
Awesome!! :))


19 (he/him)
a mediocre writer who loves to write reviews for both music and movies because i love these medium so much.

favourite bands/artists (no particular order): boards of canada, death grips, radiohead, flylo, bjork, kendrick lamar, black midi, jpegmafia, danny brown, deftones, tool, nin, injury reserve, bcnr, MF DOOM, clipping.

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