The Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery
Jan 22, 2023
As one wise man once said, post-punk can mean literally anything depending on the album and the artist. Gigi's Recovery certainly is post-punk and a different kind of one: it is a lush, multi-colored, much quieter and even more emotional kind of this genre, and such style is done high justice on this project.
⠀⠀The rock instrumentation is very gentle and welcoming (by punk standards, that is), and it is greatly accompained by a lot of beautiful artsy ideas coming from electronic music. I particularly like the prevalent electronic feel on The Stars Will Leave Their Stage, as well as (if not even more) the math rock influences on tracks like Crying and The Lie Becomes The Self. The title track is such a fully released finish off to this album's progression that I just couldn't not enjoy it despite all the elements about suggesting otherwise (especially the air siren sample because apparently I don't have enough of those at my home for the time being!).
⠀⠀Apart from a few misses with ambient music, this album is very very good. And though I'm not sure if this album will be enjoyed by post-punk enthusiasts, a regular music nerd will love it just fine. I recommend listening to The Murder Capital's Gigi's Recovery, and I'm pretty confident that I will put this album into my year-end list.

Best Tracks: The Stars Will Leave Their Stage, The Lie Becomes The Self, Gigi's Recovery
Worst Track: Belonging

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