Chelsea Wolfe - She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She
Feb 9, 2024
Goth mommy Chelsea Wolfe walks in for her eleventh, sonically adventurous album, casting her dark spells through pulsating soundscapes of trip-hop and industrial. "She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out To She," a gorgeous title talking of the past self reaching out to the present self, which in turn is seeking growth, and guidance from the future.

From the haunting whispers of the opener, "Whispers in the Echo Chamber," the album immediately establishes its inspirations, with Wolfe's voice resonating with shades of Beth Gibbons and the instrumentation portisheady. Talented producers David Sitekc and Ben Chisholm provide a great sonic palette for Wolfe to work with. The ominous "Salt," to the chilling "Place in the Sun" and "Eyes Like Nightshade" place Wolfe's fragile vocals on a pedestal against a backdrop of synthesizers and percussion, helping paint this dark and terrifying world of her mind.

"She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out To She" is a profound look into her battle with alcohol from a very young age. The now sober Wolfe encapsulates a rush of emotions, free, wild, and true, unburdened by the trappings of a bottle, with Wolfe's dry vocals leading the way before being engulfed by the project's thick, sludgy atmostphere.

The tension throughout the project is built up by a very delicate balance between overdramatization and a genuine yearning to be understood. I do feel that some moments end up feeling like gothic excess, overly melancholic to the point of feeling theatrical and artificial, but more often than not, "She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out To She" arrives at a genuine expression of emotion. Wolfe's lyrics are fairly vague and leave room for interpretation, yet the emotional storm of sentimental melodies, and anxiety-riddled textures coursing through each track convey ideas of struggle very well.

Cutting ties, and escaping from her turmoil through artistic reinvention "She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out To She," shows Chelsea Wolfe as a dazzling light in a twisted world.

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